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EMC Certification for Portable Laptop - Research Paper Example

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A portable laptop was tested using special test software called "H" patterns, which exercises all external Input/Output (I/O) ports as well as the internal storage media by writing and reading a continuous stream of "H" characters. A pattern of continuous stream-scrolling black "H" on a white background was written to display…
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EMC Certification for Portable Laptop
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Extract of sample "EMC Certification for Portable Laptop"

Download file to see previous pages Photos of the portable laptop (commonly also known as EUT = Equipment under test, for EMC testing requirements) is as shown below.
The equipment conforms to the requirement of CISPR 16-1, CISPR 16-4-2, ANSI C63.2 and other required standards. Calibration of all test and measurement, including any accessories that may effect such calibration, is checked frequently to ensure the accuracy. Adjustments are made and correction factors are applied in accordance with the instructions contained in the respective manual based on lab accreditations such as FCC (602285)-USA, VCCI (Japan) and ISO/IEC (170025)-CNAS agencies (Refer to Lab Accreditations Table at end of report). There were no special accessories used during these test and there is no EUT modification or test standard deviation.
Prior to taking the formal emissions data collected in this report many hours of pre-testing have been performed. The selection of the worst case system documented in this report was based upon this pre-testing.
The portable laptop system (EUT) was set up as per the test configuration to simulate typical usage per the user's manual. When the EUT is a tabletop system, a wooden table with a height of 0.8 metres is used and is placed on the ground plane as per EN 55022.
Associated equipment, if needed, was placed as per EN 55022. ...
4.2 Radiated Emissions
5. Electromagnetic Emissions Test
5.1 Line Conducted Emissions Test
- Measurement Procedures Utilized for Conducted Emissions
The portable laptop system (EUT) was set up as per the test configuration to simulate typical usage per the user's manual. When the EUT is a tabletop system, a wooden table with a height of 0.8 metres is used and is placed on the ground plane as per EN 55022.
Associated equipment, if needed, was placed as per EN 55022. All I/O cables were positioned to simulate typical actual usage as per EN 55022. The test equipment EUT installed received AC power through a Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN), which supplied power source and was grounded to the ground plane.
All associated equipment received power from a second LISN. For conducted emission test on telecommunication ports, a telecommunication port is connected by its signal cable to an impedance stabilization network (ISN). During the testing, the LAN utilization is in excess of 10 % and sustain that level for a minimum of 250 ms. The traffic rate is monitored by the program of NetSpeed.
The EUT test program was started. Emissions were measured on each current carrying line of the EUT using an EMI Test Receiver connected to the LISN powering the EUT. The Receiver scanned from 150K Hz to 30MHz for emissions in each of the test modes. During the above scans under battery charging mode, the emissions were maximized by cable manipulation. The EUT configuration and cable configuration of the above highest emission level were recorded for reference of the final test.
- Conducted Emissions Test Data
The following data was collected with a spectrum analyzer in peak detection
mode, unless otherwise noted. Temperature 17C; Rel. Humidity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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