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English - Tablet vs. Laptop - Essay Example

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Author’s Full Name: Department: Date: Tablet versus Laptop. Tablets and laptops are two main gadgets that have attained greater attention and through this paper let us compare the price, portability and features of the two gadgets in order to understand them better…
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English - Tablet vs. Laptop
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"English - Tablet vs. Laptop"

Download file to see previous pages The latest in this competition is the laptop and the smaller more stylish tablet. Will the tablet drive the laptop into oblivion? Many variables come into place in that debate. This article views the debate from the standpoint of a tablet; a stylish, portable media device replacing a laptop, a portable computer. In the process of doing so we will initially examine the difference between the two based on the below factors. Price Portability Features From this evaluation, the essay hopes to provide (to also provide) a reasonable explanation as to why a tablet is not a computer. Competitiveness of Laptop and Tablet in Pricing Price is a very important factor for any product from a consumer point of view. It is dependent on many factors and is relative to usage. When we examine price based from the standpoint of functionality alone and we can see that laptops have an edge over tablets on this aspect. Pricing details of the Laptops: Laptops vary in prices and can be customized accordingly. Laptops are definitely cheaper than tablets due to a few reasons. One of the main reasons for this is that Laptops have been in the market for a long time and have been evolving to meet consumer demands. Today, the commercial side of laptop making is not only restricted to original design makers, thus, the need for competitive pricing has risen. You can get a net book with all the basic computing needs for as low as $350. The price range varies depending on features and this can be tailored according to usage needs and consumer needs. When tailoring a laptop to meet the usage demands based on memory and features, the price paid for one laptop can sometimes buy two tablets. However, when we get to this price point from the standpoint of a computer versus a portable media device, Laptops win. The Cost Front of Tablet: Tablets are costlier than laptops but it is worth the price as it provides impeccable facilities. The technology of a tablet has been under experimentation for a really long time. The tablet as we know came in 2010 when Apple Inc. released the Ipad, which was more media centric than PC centric. One of the main reasons for this has been to justify the price with the functions. The difference between the two is explained below. Since 2000, Microsoft has been experimenting along the lines of a tablet PC that works on a different Operating System (OS) as compared to a regular laptop. A tablet uses a lot of specialized technology in its venture to offer sophisticated features and increase portability while not reducing the PC experience. However, it has not been possible so far to create a PC tablet that can justify the price. The current tablets do not justify the price when looked at from the standpoint of the limitations in that particular functionality. Which Comes Best in Portability The need for portability is probably one of the driving factors for technological innovations. Here again the focus is on functionality and we can see that while tablets are definitely more portable that even the smallest laptops they do not have all the functionality that a laptop as a computer can offer. What are laptops in Portability factor? Laptops are meant to be portable but are not that great when compared with tablets’ portability. With the fight to make things as pocket sized as possible, there are now new laptops that are small and lightweight, without too much compromise on screen resolution. When looking at portability we also have to look at it from the standpo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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