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Text, Image, Culture - Essay Example

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Almost every year, there are new models of televisions that are produced by numerous electronic companies to suit the needs of the consumers. Most of the said televisions are designed for consumer convenience. Nevertheless, much more than that, there are other numerous reasons why people buy televisions…
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Text, Image, Culture
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Extract of sample "Text, Image, Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the consumers buy televisions to satisfy their need of being connected to the world. Before, small television sets already satisfied this need. However, when the big televisions were introduced, the society began to change their through of being duly satisfied. It came to be that bigger televisions would bring about better self satisfaction level for many consumers.
Besides convenience, they are satisfied by the fact that they are able to benefit from the best and most recent innovations of technology, which makes them a part of a modern society. Psychologically, being able to get along with the society is a great benefit in terms of self-satisfaction matters of an individual.
Usually, owning large-sized televisions suggest extravagance and luxury. This fact then adds up to the social status of an individual who has the capability to purchase the said type of televisions. Normally, a person who owns a television set that is of a large-size is usually identified as someone who has a better social status than that of the others who own smaller television types. Yes, owning a large television also identifies the financial capability of the consumer. As known to many, large televisions cost higher than that of the smaller ones. This is mainly because of the features that it posses and the elements of entertainment that it offers its viewers. Aside from this, the marketing strategy of the said types of television sets suggest that if consumers buy them, they are to be considered "cool" by the society. As a result, many consumers who buy the said device have the same idealism as they take ownership of the television.
On Personal Companionship
Many among those who purchase large sized television would want to fulfill their need of having a personal companion. Psychologically, this may be termed as a personal need of having someone or something to fill the void of companionship within a person. More than just the idea of relaxation that the television provides, for many introvert persons who would rather stay at home than mingle with other outside, televisions serves as a personal companion. The certainties of the fulfillment of the said television regarding the said need could be seen in the actual provisions of the television of bringing the world to the house of the television viewer or owner.
On Advertising Matters and Social Culture
In a world of numerous products offered by different manufacturing companies, advertising strategies used by the business establishments could be both appealing and blinding to the eyes of the consumers. Why is this so This is due to the fact that marketing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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