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Compare Bible Genesis Chapter 13 - Essay Example

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The Genesis is regarded as one among the most important chapters of The Bible. This chapter gives description regarding creation of the world and its aftermath. However there are mythical contradictions between the first chapter and the second chapter in the matter of creation of the universe…
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Compare Bible Genesis Chapter 13
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Extract of sample "Compare Bible Genesis Chapter 13"

Comparison of Bible Genesis Chapters 3 The Genesis is regarded as one among the most important chapters of The Bible. This chapter gives description regarding creation of the world and its aftermath. However there are mythical contradictions between the first chapter and the second chapter in the matter of creation of the universe. This contradiction has sparked wide debate among generations.
The Holy Bible begins with two different versions about the beginning of the world. These two versions were produced at different periods of Israel's history. Biblical scholars are of the opinion that the story in Genesis 2: 4-25 is earlier than 1:1 to 2:3. The first one was written during the time when Israel had kings ruling Jerusalem and before their deportation to Babylon in 587 BC. The customary scholarly description for the earlier custom, which extends sporadically all through the Pentateuch, is the Yahwist or J tradition. Many scholars would date the later creation story in Genesis 1:1 2:3 to a time after 587BC and the exile to Babylon. It is also argued that it may have been written even later i.e. after the return to Judah in 539BC during the Persian period. This tradition is called as the priestly tradition or the P tradition. There are lots of difference between the Y tradition and the P tradition (Shelley)
The two chapters of Genesis fulfil every aspect of a Myth, or a kind of Myth conclusion. There are two accounts of creation in the genesis and they surely contradict each other. It is absolutely old and deals with a paranormal being that a society found vital.
Therefore the first two chapters are an atheist's best friend and a Christian's nightmare. It is a blatant contradiction in what is claimed to be a divinely inspired document. In the first God created mankind on the sixth day. After making everything else, finally he creates mankind. Then he rests. In the subsequent creation the timeline is not broken up into days. But the first thing God does is to make Man before he makes even plants. It is very clear in this chapter that nothing else has been shaped. After making man, he makes a garden for him to live in, then animals and finally woman.
It is very clear that the second chapter explicitly contradicts the first chapter. In the first creation, God makes man absolutely last, whereas in the second one, God makes man before everything else. The first and foremost, the point of these chapters is that without doubt, God made everything. Customs followed in Christianity and Judaism points out that God is accountable for all and nothing subsist or existed without him. The second main model of these two chapters is that is that God shaped everything in order.
The inbuilt order of creation and the normal world in the first creation version is evident. Whether or not God really made stuff in that order is not significant. The point is that God made things with order, that order is intrinsic in character (Nyiko, 2007).
Allowing two diverse stories of formation to stand side by side advocates that the early writers were not concerned in defining exactly how the world began in scientific foundation. They were only paying attention in exploring larger queries of the sense and reason through numerous viewpoints on the same occasion of creation This attitude of the writers has resulted in the emergence of wide spread debate among scholars and the common man regarding the biblical version of the creation of the universe. The sadder thing is that no concrete conclusions have derived till now. (Shelley).
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Compare Bible Genesis Chapter 13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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