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Miriam, Naomi,Esther, and theWisdomWoman - Essay Example

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why righteous people also suffer. This paper discusses this and then draws some similarities between the problem of innocent suffering as expressed in the Book of Job and the movie Bruce Almighty.
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Miriam, Naomi,Esther, and theWisdomWoman
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Extract of sample "Miriam, Naomi,Esther, and theWisdomWoman"

Download file to see previous pages The Hebrew word is actually closer to the meaning of righteous than innocent. Elihu therefore explained that God does not do evil and only brings upon people what their conduct deserves (34:10-11). Further, he points out that people cry out under oppression to plead for relief yet they fail to turn to God (35:9-10). Elihu then reassures Job that God does not despise men (36:5) and "He does not take his eyes off the righteous" (36:7).
The gist of Elihus talk is that obeying God is necessary so that people can then spend the rest of their years in prosperity and contentment (36:11). In effect, his attempt is to extol God in the eyes of Job and proclaim Gods magnificence "beyond our understanding" (36:26). A more open response from God himself was given in the whirlwind (38-41) after He rebukes Job for expressing words without knowledge (38:2).
In the film Bruce Almighty, the problem of suffering is brought out when Sharri asks Jeff why there is so much pain in the world given that God is so gracious. Dan is even more skeptical of Gods very existence as a result of the suffering he sees. A point is made that to be God, you cannot mess with freewill. In response, Sherri asks Jeff how love and freewill relates to the pain and suffering present in the world. This explains the problem of suffering, as was experienced by Job, by highlighting the real purpose of men and their suffering. Gods perspective is that He desires to have a loving relationship with his creatures. Thus, the problem of suffering is linked directly with this desire because it is the separation that actually causes suffering. Moreover, as long as freewill exists, so too will suffering.
Both the Book of Job and the movie are similar in presenting characters who question the goodness of God amid the suffering they see in the world and their own lives, and presents numerous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Miriam, Naomi,Esther, and TheWisdomWoman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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