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Analysis of The Bible among the Myths - Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Analysis of The Bible among the Myths - Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature" highlights that Oswalt states that biblical literature is historical. It is objective, and not biased towards the powerful, neither does it tell a fictional recreation of the past…
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Analysis of The Bible among the Myths - Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature
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Download file to see previous pages The Old Testament looks at the similarities, some of which are considered essentials, and differences which are merely accidentals. For instance, Israel’s worship of gods is essential just like the West Semitic religion did. The Old Testament from the beginning to the end insists that there is only one being worthy to be called God and the other so-called ‘gods’ are accidentals.
The Western world has been found to look at reality in a certain way. At the time Greek philosophers were struggling with the expression of their point of view, there was a parallel chain of series of events happening at the eastern end of the Mediterranean3. The Israelites went through a crisis of their faith between 625 BC and 400 BC. Scholars have continued to argue about the specific historical details of the crisis. The crisis was sparked by the rise of Assyrian and Babylonian empires. The Israelites’ faith was called into question by the two groups’ struggle to achieve military and political dominance over large parts of the Near East.
Prophets have previously articulated an understanding of reality that was different from that of the peoples around them. Their ideas showed that there is only one God; who is the sole Creator of all that is in heaven and on earth. God has revealed himself to humans. God has continued to communicate his will on how human behavior should be in the world. God also rewards and punishes at his own will. The capturing of Israel by Assyrians and Babylonians resulted in a crisis of faith. This resulted in the Israelites realization that the two different understanding of reality could not coexist. 
God’s work of punishing his unbelievable people is seen in the history of Assyrian and Babylonian conquests. The conquest and the exile were also a prediction of the return of Israel from exile which had never occurred. When the exile occurs as predicted, the Israelites came to believe the correctness of the prediction, something which was indicative of the triumph of God using the pagan nations as his tools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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