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IMac - Case Study Example

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Ronny was a creative teenager who was into video games. His father gave him the latest iMac computer for his 15th birthday. Ronny wanted this model because of certain features that would help him follow through on a video game idea he had had. It would make developing the game much easier…
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Extract of sample "IMac"

ESL Ge A Eim Matthew Clements 06/01 iMac Ronny was a creative teenager who was into video games. His father gave him the latest iMac computer for his 15th birthday. Ronny wanted this model because of certain features that would help him follow through on a video game idea he had had. It would make developing the game much easier. The iMac is known for its graphics capabilities, and many raved about the system performance. Unfortunately, after only a week he started having problems with its monitor which went blank for no reason. Furthermore, the system was not able to take the modules he had used in similar Microsoft software package. There was a compatitbility issue. The expensive hardware was hard to replace. It seemed the iMac was not what it was cracked up to be for Ronny. It was not reliable. There was a compatitbility issue. The expensive hardware was hard to replace.
The iMac was not reliable. Ronny's computer skills were well-known because he had created an interesting geography puzzle for his classmates. He had also worked on secretly creating a new video game aim at improving mental skills of younger people. He needed to run the program on the latest version of the iMac so he could take advantage of the multimedia capabilities. The failure of the iMac saddened and worried Ronny. Trips to the repair shop wasted important time. He planned on entering his video game in contest by IBM.
The iMac was not compatible with certain Microsoft builds. The video game development relied upon advanced technology. Testing is an important step in software development. The failure of Ronny's iMac to accept program modules created in Microsoft software turned out to be the biggest problem. iMac's are some of the most advanced computers. The weakness in this machine to run the important parts of Ronny's programs shook his confidence in Apple's products.
The iMac hardware was too expensive. Ronny's father was also not able to replace his computer for him because of the expense. While iMacs are known for their power, they are also known for their high prices. Ronny's father was very proud of his son and knew that an advanced computer like the iMac would make it easier for him to move forward. Ronny's interest in video games and his creative talent of needed space to explore. He was very upset at the weaknesses of the iMac in this respect.
The iMac failed to live up to its amazing claims and became the biggest reason for Ronny's loss of trust in the Apple products. iMac computers are one of the most expensive computers in the world and cannot be easily replaced. The downfalls of the very expensive and newest model of the well-know Apple product, iMac, negatively impacted the market. Even surfing the net showed the weaknesses in Ronny's iMac. While iMac might be packed with great features, the shortfalls have become big problems for the company. The company must make sure to refund its customers who are not satisfied. Read More
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IMac Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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