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Time Capsule Assignment - Essay Example

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The search for these time capsules, both Renaissance and Baroque, must first account for the features which characterize each age. There are, to be sure, signs and indicators which will aid in the identification of artifacts from each age.
The Renaissance time capsule will include objects that are characterized by an intellectual time period devoted to classical patterns and forms considered pure and symmetrical (Weiss, 1969)…
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Time Capsule Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages The Baroque time capsule, on the other hand, will contain objects of a far different type. The items in this time capsule will reflect an intellectual and an artistic time period in which classical forms were ignored or developed in important ways. The symmetry of the Renaissance, in many different fields, was supplanted by artistic endeavors characterized by a lack of symmetry, by an insertion of figurative rather than literal forms, and by a more emotional and colorful intellectual background (Wellek, 1946).
Understanding the nature of the Renaissance is critical in this endeavor; it is critical because the Baroque, being a break from this intellectual tradition, cannot be understood in isolation. From a visual perspective, using art as an example, it would be wise to consider representative paintings such as The School of Athens by Raphael and the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo DaVinchi. These works are both illustrative and representative because they identify classical sources as inspirations and because they are used in such a way as to encourage future learning and development. This time period is hardly anti-learning; quite the contrary, the intellectuals simply chose to rely for political and social reasons on generally accepted classical forms and modes of inquiry.
In the field of music, representative samples would include Ludwig Senfl's work, which maintained classical beats and patterns, and Johannes Lupi's work, which used repetition and imitation to distinguish his compositions rather than variations of style or structure. Representative drawings in the field of architecture, based on a revival of classical designs borrowed from classical Greek and Roman ideals, would be similar to those drawings and plans used to construct the Tempio de Visa in Rome and the Palazzo Farnese in Rome. Renaissance architecture is characterized by columns and pilasters, arches, and a very specific fitting together of pieces in a symmetrical and well-patterned way. The precision is apparent.
Finally, in the fields of literature and philosophy, two representative samples would be The Divine Comedy by Dante and Utopia by Sir Thomas More. Classical sources, as with Dante, were used as foundations upon which to explore questions of religious faith, science, and philosophy more generally. In short, in all of these fields, the Renaissance is characterized by a heavy reliance upon classical sources, upon a preoccupation with symmetry and precision, and by repetitions rather than deviations.
1.2 Guidelines: Baroque Time Capsule
As a preliminary matter, art provides a helpful introduction to the Baroque period; this is because art illustrates the departure from strict classical forms. Two highly representative paintings would be Adoration by Peter Paul and Aeneas Fleeing Burning Troy by Federico Barocci. Rather than employing the strict symmetry and compartmentalization of Renaissance painters such as Raphael, these paintings are characterized by overflowing colors, bodies and objects which merge rather than remaining separate, and which display a much ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Time Capsule Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Time Capsule Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Time Capsule Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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