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Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement - Assignment Example

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This paper "Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement" focuses on the fact that the author looks at the sample learning agreement, defines it, describes the breadth component, the depth component, the application component and a summary noting how the components are related to one another. …
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Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement
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Extract of sample "Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement"

Download file to see previous pages The student has also assessed his personal weaknesses and the threats that can be caused not only by his weaknesses but also by the outside environment that is outside of his control. Through the self-assessment that has been carried out in the Learning Agreement the student has come up with ways and means on how best to use strengths and combat the threats by reducing his weaknesses or rather playing to his strengths to the extent that he cannot fail.

The self-assessment has been used to further set long term and short term goals and decide on the different resources and support that will be required to meet those goals and objectives. Likewise, there is a commitment on the part of both the student to work to the best of his ability to achieve the goals that have been set. Also, there would be a commitment by the university to provide the student with all the support and the resources to a reasonable extent that would enable the student to achieve the set goals and ambitions. It is due to this that the student and the university both sign off on the learning agreement to ensure that it is binding and also to show commitment to the agreement that has been made.

The breath components in the learning agreement have been successful in comparing the theoretical foundations of the processes that have been associated with the learning and motivation of the education environment.

In the depth components of the learning agreement, the student has successfully analyzed, critiqued and even contrasted learning and motivational aspects of the education environment that was covered in the breadth component of the report.

As is apparent from everything that has been stated above and also from the sample learning agreement, the breadth, depth and applications components are all interconnected and are an integral part of the learning agreement and of one another.

In this section, we will look at the personal strengths and weaknesses of the author and how the author can use the opportunities and threats that are available the author at this moment.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement Assignment.
(Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement Assignment)
Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement Assignment.
“Launch Your Career in College - Learning Agreement Assignment”.
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