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Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities - Essay Example

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The essence and necessity of education in the modern dispensation cannot be overemphasized. The professional market has increasingly become competitive making college degree a fundamental requirement. Most careers depend on merit and technical competence of an individual to ensure success…
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Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities
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Extract of sample "Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities"

How Receiving A College Degree Improves Career Opportunities How A College Degree Improves Career Opportunities The essence and necessity of education in the modern dispensation cannot be overemphasized. The professional market has increasingly become competitive making college degree a fundamental requirement. Most careers depend on merit and technical competence of an individual to ensure success. Local and international markets hire individuals who have the skills and knowledge to perform their duties diligently. Ideally, education is the only bridge that ensures that individuals connect with various career opportunities. Receiving a college degree can extensively improve career opportunities based on a number of essential facts. This paper puts into perspective how a college degree can improve career opportunities.
A college degree has the potential of enhancing my career opportunities because it increases an individuals chances in the market. Case in point is that an individual with a college degree has an added advantage compared to those who do not have a single certificate. Unlike previous regimes, a college degree provides an opportunity for an individual to earn decently compared to a high school graduate. The financial value of a college qualification cannot, therefore, be overemphasized because it is the only gateway through which an individual can earn some decent living. A college degree widens an individuals world view making it possible to scrutinize issues from different perspectives. Employees require individuals who are critical and can make appropriate decisions under crucial circumstances and a college degree presents such opportunities.
A reflection in the process of Critical thinking used in forming the response
Critical thinking is an essential component employed in determining the appropriateness of the information presented. The process of critical thinking used relate to the process used to find content for the answers in this context. Having a college degree improves an individuals portfolio in the job market and understanding such as a phenomenon demands essential interpretation of the inherent facts. In this context, the content presented have been defined and broadly connected with the realities of having a college degree. The content presented have been analyzed by connecting various pieces of information to determine the inherent facts.
Critical thinking demands that all the information provided are correctly scrutinized and analyzed as a measure of deriving the appropriate content. Having a college degree does not seem crucial in other quarters, but an analysis of the facts presented determines the importance of a certificate. Critical thinking depends on the ability to comprehend and distinguish the instruments required in reaching an accurate conclusion. The process used to find content correspond to critical thinking exercise due to appropriate evaluation of various sets of information and ideas (Moore & Parker, 2012).
How critical thinking can be used in other areas
Critical thinking can be used in other areas such as small groups where decision-making is necessary for solving certain problems. Critical thinking can also be used in everyday life especially in planning and productive employment of time. Self-correction, regulation, and monitoring are some of the areas where critical thinking is applied (Paul & Elder, 2013).
Steps that can be taken in ensuring that critical thinking is continuously used in future
There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that critical thinking is used in the future. One of the steps is effectively determining the logical connections that exist between a number of ideas (Paul & Elder, 2013). Another step would be the identification, construction and evaluation of individual arguments presented by various individuals or groups. Critical thinking requires the detection of inconsistent errors in analyzing circumstances and is, therefore an important step to consider going into the future. The last step would be reflecting on various values and beliefs and their justifications (Paul & Elder, 2013).
Moore, B. N., & Parker, R. (2012). Critical thinking. New York: McGraw-Hill.
Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2013). Critical thinking: Tools for taking charge of your professional and personal life. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. Read More
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