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Getting from college to career - Essay Example

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Without certain training and expertise, together with certain knowledge, people would fail in their careers. Succeeding and graduating in college is one thing, while preferred career path success is…
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Getting from college to career
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Extract of sample "Getting from college to career"

Getting From College to Career Introduction Individuals go to college for specific to prepare for the outside world. Without certain training and expertise, together with certain knowledge, people would fail in their careers. Succeeding and graduating in college is one thing, while preferred career path success is another. Things learned in college provide the basic knowledge that helps individuals to face the outside world. There are certain none academic things that people learn from college, and these too are helpful when it comes to maintaining career success and discipline. In the book, “Getting from college to career”, there are a number of things that an individual can do in order to ensure that success in one’s career is started from an early time (Lindsey, 97). In this essay, I am going to discuss four of the many steps that are in the book, which I have tried and in my experience go way forward towards ensuring that my future is well secure.
1. Writing of the Application letter.
An application letter or curriculum vitae contains all the information about an individual, from the name, address, personal and academic achievements and also other attachments. It is written to where one is seeking for an employment chances, and is considered vital towards employment. I have written several application letters to different organizations. I got the reply from some, while in others I did not. Upon realizing my mistakes, I redrafted my application letters and applied again, this time with impressive results. Preparing one’s application letter is important, and language has to be considered when writing an application letter. Caution has to be taken in order not to make the language sound demanding or too shallow for the employers’ liking (Lindsey, 97).
2. Making the most out of informational interviews.
An informational interview involves a job seeker inquiring for occupation and also industry advice from an individual or individuals instead of asking for employment. With that kind of an interview, I have been capable to gather information on detailed fields. It has also led me to prospective employers whom I can ask for employment from. I choose this as an important aspect in my career life since it has broadened my search and has opened new opportunities. By making the most out of informational interviews, my professional network will be expanded and this will give rise to new opportunities thus career growth (Lindsey, 99).
3. Becoming an active member while still in college.
This has helped a lot of people, whereby one becomes involved with school alumni association groups in order to disseminate themselves with others (Lindsey, 107). This in turn creates a networking between the alumni of the school. This method guarantees success in that the connections made during certain association meetings and functions create a way for connection, a connection that is bound to last even after college. Such connections will ensure that if in need of an employment opportunity. Networking among individuals means that there are high regards for the individuals that one is in the network with (Lindsey, 107). Getting involved with such associations automatically give one a ticket to a secure future.
4. Connecting diversely
Having connections with people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, race and origin give one a chance to interact with a lot of people. Being diverse in my field has helped me gain entry to some opportunities that were once a dream. Living in an ethnically diverse community has enabled me make connections with different people of different ethnic backgrounds. Living in a multicultural manner requires one to be diverse in order to make a positive impact in the working world, a world that we are being prepared for (Lindsey, 113).
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Lindsey, Pollak. Getting from College to Career. New York: Harper Business, 2012. Print. Read More
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Getting from College to Career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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