Why College is important for a successful career - Essay Example

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When students finish high school, it is crucial to join college so as to further their education and gain competitiveness in the job industry. For many reasons, attending college can be regarded as a key determinant of a successful career…
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Why College is important for a successful career
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"Why College is important for a successful career"

Download file to see previous pages Students who have attended college stand a better chance to succeed in their careers than those who do not attend college. Based on this notion, this paper will raise an argument that supports why attending college is crucial for career success.
College can be regarded as a crucial institution that ought to be attended by students owing to the various benefits, which can be attributed to attending college. College is important because it offers students with significant exposure, which helps them significantly during their job search. By attending college, students get well equipped with the requirements of the job market and can, therefore, navigate through the job market with a lot of ease. Unlike students who have not attended college, college students can face interviewers with a lot of confidence and determination. The exposure attained in college makes students competent and this enables them to stand high chances of getting the jobs, which they may seek (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 11-15).
College helps students become successful, both in their careers and life, in a number of ways. When students attend college, they are assured of getting jobs immediately upon graduation. Students who attend college have better credentials than students who do not have any qualifications, which match college education. As a result, they are better placed to be preferred by employers than high school graduates. This means that job prospects for college students tend to be higher than those of other students. Employers maintain that college students have the potential than high school graduates. With this in mind, college students have a high probability of getting jobs. With jobs, they can improve their lives significantly, and afford high standards of living; as opposed to those who lack a college education (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 11-15). The other way in which college helps students become successful is because they can earn a high income with a college education. It is evident that college graduates earn a higher income than their high school counterparts. With college education qualifications, employers will give a reasonable package to graduates. As such, they will get a considerable income that will help them improve their lives significantly. Thus, college education determines success in life; as the graduates can achieve their dreams with a lot of ease. Graduates who have attained college qualifications can drive good cars and live in decent houses. In most societies, success in life is defined by the ability of a graduate to drive a vehicle after graduating, as well as afford to shop in esteemed destinations and live in high class estates (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 11-15). College can be termed as advantageous in a number of ways; in college, students can get a scholarship to engage in sports. Getting sports’ scholarship can be termed as one of the advantages of attending college. Scholarships for students who engage in sports is crucial since it helps students gain motivation to study. Thus, attending college can help athletes and students engaging in sports get endorsements from media companies and other large companies. Such endorsements can be beneficial to the graduates since they earn a lot of money when they receive endorsements. College is also advantageous since it gives students an opportunity to interact and share with other students and professionals. As a result, the students gain exceptional expertise in their respective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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