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Each of them wanted people to believe and follow in their teachings (Malik, 2004). It should be remembered that sprouting of these religions followed the collapse/mistrust in politics…
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Questions for Comparative Religions Assignment
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Questions for Comparative Religions Assignment Questions for Comparative Religions Assignment The goals of Muslim and Christian in spreading their religion
The main goals of these religions in spreading their religion were to capture more followers. Each of them wanted people to believe and follow in their teachings (Malik, 2004). It should be remembered that sprouting of these religions followed the collapse/mistrust in politics. Therefore, these religions were out to spread the truth to everyone, they wanted to end oppression and tyranny as well as to spread justice (Malik, 2004).
Significant similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity
It should be noted that Christianity and Islamic share numerous common grounds as much as they have their differences (Malik, 2004). The most significant of all the similarities is that they both trace their roots from Abraham. Moreover, they both believe in prophets and apostles as God’s massagers. Additionally, they both believe in scriptures as the main reference to what God/Allah needs of humanity. They also believe in the resurrection, as it will be the sure way of living the eternal life (Malik, 2004).
Despite both believing in God, Muslims do not believe in heresy that God is in three as God the father, the Son, and Holly Spirit. Moreover, the Muslims Qu’ran, Islamic holy book, strongly rejects Jesus as God. However, they profoundly honor Him as Allah’s prophet. In addition, the Muslims and Christians disagree on death and resurrection of Jesus (Malik, 2004). Muslims do not believe that Jesus being a prophet of Allah could face such a horrific death, as the one Christians believe He did. Finally, these two religions disagree on how believers can escape God/Allah’s judgment. Muslims believe in falah, that is, positive achievement or self-support. On the other hand, ding to the Bible no one is compelling enough for God’s favors; thus, everyone shall be judged according to their deeds (Malik, 2004).
The spreading of Islam or Christianity religion in the 1500 AD
It is recorded that Christianity became the most successful religion during this period. This followed numerous deaths that took place during this time (Malik, 2004). Smallpox and measles killed many people in North America, and Christianity took this opportunity to spread their beliefs and faith to the people. It is this time that Spanish catholic priests moves from Europe to North American and managed to convert many people to Catholicism.
Byzantium, the Latin West, and Islam and the Foundations of Medieval Europe
Betwixt the year 550 and 750, the Mediterranean world, Western Europe, and the Middle East transformed into three main realms including the orthodox Christianity Byzantine Empire, Latin Christendom, and the Islamic caliphate (Malik, 2004). The two former were united through Catholicism. Entirely, all these communities were politically fragmented. However, each of the realms shared at least a heritage from the ancient Rome among their ancient religious traditions particularly from Judaism (Malik, 2004). Nonetheless, each tradition had a distinct difference that mainly focused the ensuing centuries.
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Malik, J. (2004). Muslims in Europe: From the margin to the centre. Münster: LIT.
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