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Does creativity in its many forms relieve stress - Essay Example

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Stress is defined as the unpleasant feeling at times of suspense and threats faced expressed in terms of emotional, psychological and physical stimulation as increased heart rate and muscular tension (Encarta, 1). This can occur in every day situations as work, family, peer, and social pressures yielding negative energy and anxiousness.
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Does creativity in its many forms relieve stress
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Extract of sample "Does creativity in its many forms relieve stress"

Download file to see previous pages lessness, Decreased sexual drive, Loss of appetite, Anxiety, Depression, Outbursts of anger. Long terms effects are more dangerous can be in the form of : Chronic head ache, Mood swings, Anxiety disorder, Substance abuse, Memory disturbances, Heart attack and strokes due increased blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, Weight loss, Exacerbation of allergies including asthma, Irritable Bowel disease, Ischemic Bowel disease like Crohn's disease, Decreased sexual drive, sleeplessness.( Beware! Stress Could Cause Serious Long-Term Effects)
The outcome of stress can be either a positive or a negative product depending on how the person deals with it and responds to the situation he's in. If negativity is adopted depression and failure are the end results expected. It is even proven medically how stress can reduce the immunity and a person can be more susceptible to diseases ranging from simple cases as flues and complicated cases such as cancer. On the other hand if a positive attitude is taken creativity can produce wonderful establishments.
Stress this unconscious habit, can be dealt with usually in two ways; one is that stressed people repress it into their deep inner feelings which is definitely not healthy i.e. becoming victims, or they express their anger on a person present at the wrong time and wrong place. "Victims internalize their anger and bullies externalize it."(Pragito). Stress management can be through various techniques. Exercise and hobbies are a way of expressing the stress, some people even keep a journal in order to record any stressful event they pass through in order to put it behind their back and try to forget about it, once written it is forgotten. Hobbies such as writing, singing, listening to calm music, dancing and meditation -which is becoming popular nowadays in terms of spirituality building a balance between the body and the mind (Anna)- in other words any creativity form is a live illustration of stress relievers. Many studies indicate how lower stress levels are associated with a higher creativity level, even at the level of elementary school children where this can be a grand step to help future generations to have a lower stress level than present nowadays through creative thinking skills development (Bonita, 1).
Creativity in order to be effective can be put into five steps: (Paul)
1. Preparation of information at hand or digging up new data to help in dealing with a problem causing the stress at hand
2. Incubation of the issue and investigating it thoroughly,
3. Enlightenment, which comes at directly or at an unknown moment.
4. Evaluation the solution that evolved and examining it carefully to ensure this is what is really needed.
5. Implementation of the proposal attained from the proceeding steps and putting it in operating action.
Some organizations adopted the TQM Total Quality Management approach to decrease the stress levels present in its firms and become more productive in quality values too. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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