The Military Partnerships: Terrorism - Essay Example

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The present paper will examine the threat of terrorism and contemporary ways of defending from it. The paper focuses on the inclusion of the Department of Defense which is necessary and essential for appropriately handling any emergency or security situation within the country…
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The Military Partnerships: Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages First, a strategic cooperation agreement will be signed with the DoD. In this strategic agreement, the type of cooperation, method of cooperation and modus operandi for dealing with the security threats and security situations will be discussed and subsequently finalized. In the type of cooperation, it will be decided whether they will provide technical support in which aerial monitoring and other type of intelligence services will be provided to the Emergency Planning Department. Also, this cooperation agreement will also detail and identify particular security and emergency threats which will make cooperation necessary. Subsequently, it will also be decided that how coordination personnel will interact and perform their responsibilities to the emergency or security situations.
After the strategic cooperation agreement, the coordination between the Emergency Planning and the DoD will be the key aspect, reflecting the effect of agreement on the ground. For example, a coordination team will be constituted in which members from both departments will jointly coordinate and cooperate with each other. This coordination team will work as a bridge between the both departments as the prime role of agreement will be performed by the coordination team members.
There are two separate security situations and each requires different steps. In the first security situation, it is not reasonable to give up to the demands of the terrorists. Therefore, it is the best security option to get them engaged. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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