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Terrorist Threats and Counterterrorism Response to a Terrorist Attack - Essay Example

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The United States Perspectives on Terrorist Threats and Counterterrorism Since September 11, 2001 and How the Techniques and Strategies Employed After Attack Have Remained Consistent and How They Have Changed
The United States’ perspective on terrorist threats and…
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Terrorist Threats and Counterterrorism Response to a Terrorist Attack
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Extract of sample "Terrorist Threats and Counterterrorism Response to a Terrorist Attack"

Terrorist Threats and Counterterrorism Response to a Terrorist Attack The United s Perspectives on Terrorist Threats and Counterterrorism Since September 11, 2001 and How the Techniques and Strategies Employed After Attack Have Remained Consistent and How They Have Changed
The United States’ perspective on terrorist threats and counterterrorism methods has seen a significant change since September 11, 2001. Since this time, advancement of counterterrorism in he U.S. has become more apparent. Some have referred to counterterrorism in the post 9/11 era as the drone war while others have referred to the current anti-terrorism situation as Obama doctrine. The use of unmanned aerial predator and reaper drones is seen as a new approach in counterterrorism has changed how the US combats terrorism. President Obama’s administration has been able to ratchet the drone program as opposed to the previous U.S. administration. He has managed to authorize more than hundred drone strikes worldwide mostly around the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan according to Bures and Bureš (2011). Despite the controversy, facing this operation, to a great extent, the American drones since 9/11 have been successful.
The current research on counterterrorism builds its debate on two approaches: the war model and the criminal justice model. The war (military) model tends to structure the efforts against terrorism in terms of the military of an enemy-centric war. In such an event, the armed forces of the state are mainly responsible for developing counterterrorism plans. The criminal justice model advocates for the rule of law and democratic principles in counterterrorism. It has been suggested that viewing counterterrorism in terms of hard and soft power is very important. This advocates for a direct and indirect tactic in counterterrorism. Some of the strategies applied after 9/1 such as the drone strike have become popular and consistent since then. However, a change is being considered on the technique as it can lead to the loss of many innocent lives as well as collateral damage to property and infrustructure. The strategy is also seen to violate the sovereignty of some states like Pakistan.
The Elements of a Successful Response to a Terrorist Attack in The United States
For successful response to terrorism, the U.S. should consider to minimize on its enemies and maximize on its allies. This element will be achieved by reestablishing and empowering their traditional alliances as stated by Gebicke (1999). The U.S. government has also considered softening the appeal of Muslim federalism, which will be achieved by diminishing the levels of moderate Muslim indifferences.
What Private And Governmental Forces Must Be Marshaled To Respond Effectively?
The US needs to marshal the government forces within the society, public-private partnerships and enough investment in operational capabilities in order to respond effectively to terrorist attacks. There is also the need to marshal available resources with the available technology effectively for an effective response to terrorism.
The United States Current Preparedness to Respond to Major Terrorist Events
The U.S. has come up with various strategies for preparedness against terrorism. For instance, it has ensured critical infrastructure identification, prioritization and protection from terrorist attacks. Sector specific agencies have also been established and they are responsible for protection of certain resources or some national infrastructures as stated by Bennett (2007). A nuclear sector has also been established to ensure protection of the elements of the nuclear sector.
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