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Reasons for and Against Intervention in Syrian Civil War - Essay Example

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This essay describes intervention in Syrian Civil War. This policy brief posits to explore the Syrian Crisis in order to ask the president to intervene or not based on the facts of the brief. The Syrian crisis is intertwined into the multifaceted fabric of Middle Eastern interactions…
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Reasons for and Against Intervention in Syrian Civil War
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Extract of sample "Reasons for and Against Intervention in Syrian Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages The intricate state of affairs in the Middle East has encouraged President Al-Assad to cling onto power and instigate a bloody onslaught against his populace. The Syrian citizenry has continuously demanded that been demanding that President Al-Assad steps down, in order to facilitate the setting up of a government with a solid democratic foundation. Even though President Al-Assad has lost a solid power base, it is apparent that he has exploited the intricate regional state of affairs which has destabilized the capacity of the United Nations (U.N) to firmly counter the Syrian crisis 2. In order to comprehend the complex state of affairs, it is appropriate to take a broader look at this region. This may help in understanding why the U.N seems incapable of being decisive against President Al-Assad. However, as the president of the world’s superpower, there is urge of considering whether to intervene or not and save the Syrian people. This crisis that started on 15th March 2011, has claimed very many lives as protesters all over the country call for the resignation of president Bashar Al-Asad in favor of political rights and freedom. However, Bashar has consistently ignored the grievances of the people and continuously used violence to protesters as well the rebels with the urge of overthrowing the government 3. Therefore, the United States of America should not and cannot stay oblivious to the abominable mass killings in Syria. It is thus with this regard that the government needs a strong and firm decision on the Syrian crisis so as to restore peace and stability in a country where the two attributes have long been forgotten. Moreover, The Syrian regime’s violent reaction to protests since March 2011 has led to the death of approximately 5,400 people, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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