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The Reasons Why the US Congress Should Not Authorize an Attack on Syria - Essay Example

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This paper "Reasons Why the US Congress Should Not Authorize an Attack on Syria" focuses on Syria which has been engaged in serious human rights violations in which its Army has been killing the innocent civilians along with the rebels. This conflict is part of the Arab Spring. …
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The Reasons Why the US Congress Should Not Authorize an Attack on Syria
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Download file to see previous pages As a part of this struggle, long established governments in Egypt, Yemen and Libya were overthrown with the help of public support and protest. The case of Libya and Syria however, is relatively different because both Libya as well as Syria witnessed a feared armed conflict between the government forces and the rebels. The Libyan government of Gadhafi was overthrown with the help from the strikes of UK under the umbrella of Nato wherein other European countries such as France also contributed to the strikes.
The case of Syria however, is relatively different as, despite the fearsome battles between the government forces and the rebels, Bashar Al-Asad’s government is still intact and was largely successful in withstanding the challenge of the rebellion. The human rights violation, however, warrants the question of whether the US should invade Syria or not topple the government of Asad. This paper will argue that the US should not invade Syria.
The issue of Syria is not as simple as it may seem as it involves many other international stakeholders with direct interests in Syria. Syria is home to Hezbollah, the militant group with an extremist ideology against Israel and US. Hezb has publically declared Israel as its enemy and even went on to win a limited war against Israel. (Curry)
An invasion of Syria may result in a chain reaction of events in which global players may be involved and a new war may erupt between the superpowers of the world. With Israel living in the proximity of Syria, it may be extremely dangerous for the US to actually invade Syria. Besides, Syria has made some bold claims of invading the US or its allies and interests and the possible retaliation by Syria with the help of its allies may have been relatively costlier for the US in the long run.
Over the period of time, US Government was unable to maintain a single stance on the issue of Syria and invading it. US President, as well as the Secretary of State, have changed their statements regarding the overall plan of US to topple Asad’s government.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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