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How the Concept the Technological Ability of a Nations Army Can Win the Wars - Research Paper Example

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The paper "How the Concept the Technological Ability of a Nations Army Can Win the Wars" higlhights that armies that are technologically sound, has high-end machinery as well as up to date and time information have an added advantage in a war situation…
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How the Concept the Technological Ability of a Nations Army Can Win the Wars
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Extract of sample "How the Concept the Technological Ability of a Nations Army Can Win the Wars"

Download file to see previous pages During World War One, military officials realized the importance of having up to date weapons to win wars (Stewart 2001). During this period, armies used advanced weapons recognized as second generation warfare and realized that machinery and weapons are used to conquer and win battles and the only importance of military officials is limited to occupying the conquered areas. During the period armies even realized the importance of transportation as these vehicles were used to transport men and machinery from one end to another. These improvements in technology clearly defined that to gain victory in war; you have to be sound technologically at both the operative and the tactical bases. The belief of technological soundness being the determinant o victory of war was clearly visible in different wars such as the Cold War and Current Wars that take place every now and then. Body After WWII, major nations throughout the earth started developing the technological side of their defense, they started developing and acquiring new kinds of air shuttles, sea transport and weapon, a new form of larger missiles and bombs and machinery that is used while nation’s army is fighting in the land (Melko 2001). The continuous up gradation of the technological side led to the development of military aircraft and air transports which had the higher degree of accuracy and speed, researchers even developed new forms of surveillance systems to gain a higher degree of accuracy during the process of acquiring information, for this purpose GPS systems came into existence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How the Concept the Technological Ability of a Nations Army Can Win Research Paper.
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