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War is an Addiction - Research Paper Example

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[Instructor Name] War is an Addiction Scarcity of resources and other human-made factors are considered to be the main reasons behind wars, but there have been enough evidences from available literature that war is more a resultant of addiction…
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War is an Addiction
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"War is an Addiction"

Download file to see previous pages War is seen amongst the scholars, researchers and philosophers as means of destroying involving parties in a manner, that they would not be able to question the authority of the winning side. This lust for winning and gaining control of others’ resources sometimes result in a war, and the invader becomes addict to winning again by engaging into further wars. On one hand, engaging into war escalates the economic activities due to the increasing demand for weaponry and supplies. On the other hand, engaging into war exhausts a country or state’s resources into destroying other country or state’s assets and its ability to counter attack the invading country or state. As the world is becoming globalized and entities of each country are coming closer due to extensive use of technology, more and more information is gathered in order to make assumptions about a country’s resources. On top of that, the invention of modern weaponry systems and aggressive war doctrine possessed by armies of different nations in the world, paves way for setting up wars and winning them to capture resources. This can be seen as a scenario, where the big fish is always looking to hunt small fishes, even if the big fishes have their hunger fulfilled. This is because this is in their nature to hunt, thus falling victim to their addiction of hunting small fishes they neglect the outcomes. Similarly, countries of the world engage into war, even knowing that the outcomes of the war would be devastating for both invader and the invaded country (Barash 4-9). The coming section would present different theories and concepts presented by researchers and scholars from the past, pertaining to addiction to war and what are the reasons behind it. Theoretical Grounds for Addiction to War As soon as mankind stepped on earth it engaged in understanding what are the reasons that mankind keeps its luxuries and satisfaction behind, and commit war against each other. A number of researchers, scholars and philosophers have carried out extensive research into the area so that a century old question can be answered, i.e. why man is addicted to war? It is the resultant of hard work of researchers and scholars from the past that a number of theories are presented today which helps in understanding the phenomenon of addiction to war. In this manner, mankind today is also able to eliminate war doctrine from their militant activities in order to ensure that peace and harmony maintains on earth. Despite of the fact that all theories and research work present almost similar ideas on addiction to war, every field of study has a different perspective in understanding this phenomenon. Followers of social school of thought view addiction to war as an act of social frustration and injustice, whereas economic school perceives addiction to war as a result to unavailability of resources. Business scholars view addiction to war as a result to scarcity of resources and an attempt to keep control of greater competitive advantage over rivals. Despite of the fact that while understanding the causes of addiction to war is different in every discipline of life, political science seems to be the best field, which explains the causes of addiction to war. War has been defined as a comprehensive attempt of individuals, group of individuals or state to aggressively outclass their rivals on the battlefield or in any field of life. Theorists also views addiction to war ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(War Is an Addiction Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words)
War Is an Addiction Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
“War Is an Addiction Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words”, n.d.
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