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The Effects of Cannabis Addiction among 16-24 Years and Its Health Consequences - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Effects of Cannabis Addiction among 16-24 Years and Its Health Consequences" highlights that more youth will consider cannabis as an acceptable drug if scholars and other policymakers continue to claim that cannabis use is less harmful…
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The Effects of Cannabis Addiction among 16-24 Years and Its Health Consequences
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Cannabis Addiction among 16-24 Years and Its Health Consequences"

Download file to see previous pages I chose to address cannabis as a topic because cannabis dependence limits the attainment of school, work, and home goals. Moreover, a lot of time elapses while acquiring cannabis, using cannabis and recovering from the adverse effects of cannabis dependence.
Statistics confirm that about 14.4 million people in US smoke cannabis and about 10 % of them will advance to cannabis dependence (Melemis 2013, p. 1). Moreover, about 13.3% of users aged 16-24 years are cannabis dependent in the US while about 17.1% of British 16-24-year-old is cannabis dependence (Addiction Today 2013, p. 1). Nevertheless, various addiction theories like the Prime theory (West 2013, p. 1) and the Transtheoretical Model (Grizzell 2003, p. 1) may help us in addressing cannabis dependence among young adults aged between 16-24 years. The prime theory seeks to improve our capacity to predict, explain, and influence human behavior (West 2013, p. 1). On the other hand, the Transtheoretical Model addresses behavior change in a five-stage process (Grizzell 2003, p. 1).
Various studies show that drug abuse is most dominant in the UK (Department of Health 2007, p. 1) and that people of different races, ages, and economic backgrounds are prone to drug use. Specifically, cannabis addiction is the main drug problem among minorities (Department of Health 2007, p. 1). In most cases, the criminal justice system forces drug addicts to seek medical treatment. Indeed, all drug users should seek medical treatment since drug addiction leads to various adverse effects. Drug addicts should access equal sources of treatment. Moreover, health providers should inquire about the patient’s history of drug use if they have symptoms that suggest the likelihood of drug misuse (NICE Guidelines 2007, p. 1).
Additionally, the government and relevant organizations should create awareness and inform the public about drug abuse. Specifically, cannabis addiction derives various psychological, social, and health problems.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effects of Cannabis Addiction Among 16-24 Years and Its Health Case Study.
“The Effects of Cannabis Addiction Among 16-24 Years and Its Health Case Study”.
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