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The Way Sunnylake Deals with the Attack - Case Study Example

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The study "The Way Sunnylake Deals with the Attack" illustrates how an unjustified delegation of CEO’s powers to the head of IT department without sufficient control, as well as poor network security management in healthcare, can bring about grave consequences…
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The Way Sunnylake Deals with the Attack
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Extract of sample "The Way Sunnylake Deals with the Attack"

Download file to see previous pages Bates and Gawande (2003) assert that nearly half of serious medication errors have been caused by insufficient information about the patient and the drug. They also denote other common factors: a failure to provide sufficient specificity in an order, illegibility of handwritten orders, errors of calculation, and errors in transcription.
EMRs systems help to make the knowledge about patients' treatment more readily accessible, assist with calculations and monitoring, perform checks in real time, and provide decision support. One of the main benefits of using EMRs systems for clinical tasks is that it makes it possible to implement "forcing functions" — features that restrict the way in which tasks may be performed (Bates and Gawande, 2003). For example, prescriptions written on a computer can be forced to be legible and complete. Figure 1 shows a percentage of medication orders with doses exceeding the permissible maximum during 1 month before computerized order entry, during 1 month after the computerization and during 3 next years. One could see the percentage decreased dramatically.
It should be also noticed that personnel's resistance to adopt a new IT system, which Paul Layman has experienced in the Sunnylake Hospital, is quite typical for many hospitals. Gupta (2008) determines the 3 top barriers to adoption of IT in healthcare organizations: start-up costs (56%), lack of uniform standards (44%), and lack of time (39%).
Paul succeeded in finding an appropriate EMRs system and a quite earnest IT-director Jacob Dale, which did his best to fulfill the project successfully. Paul made every effort to overcome resistance of medical staff that feared changes, and after some time the entire staff has used electronic devices, admitting that EMRs had really increased efficiency of the work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Way Sunnylake Deals With the Attack Case Study.
“The Way Sunnylake Deals With the Attack Case Study”.
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