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Developing a Medical and Fitness Standard - Essay Example

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This essay Developing a Medical and Fitness Standard declares the importance of medical and fitness standard is to help in maintaining safety environment in a working place. Some of the organizations that work with medical and fitness standards are the police and the nurses or doctors…
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Developing a Medical and Fitness Standard
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Extract of sample "Developing a Medical and Fitness Standard"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper stresses the medical and fitness standards within every department is essential. Its necessity is to monitor and promote safety when working. The job for the firefighters is a physical one and there is need to keep the employs fit. Ways of keeping the employees fit is through physical exercises. Just imagine how it would be if an athlete went to a running competition without trainings and exercises? It would be a mess because the athlete will not be physically fit and will tire quickly and may not finish the race. If the athlete wants to win a race, then rigorous exercises must be incorporated.
According to the report findings when responding to a fire, sometimes the fire fighters may be involved in a physical injury. Therefore, after every firefighting response, they should be cross-examined by a medical practitioner to ensure that they are well. Where they have been hurt, medication should begin immediately. The regular check will even motivate the employees to perform well when working because they have peace of mind and their health is being taken care of by the management. When developing the medical and fitness standards, there should be injury programs to check on the overall health of the employees and their wellbeing. Eating habits and diet should be monitored. Health can be determined by the types of foods the officers take. Also, it predicts the physical fitness of an individual. The officers should be flexible and it should be youthful. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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