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Strategic Advice to the CEO of CNN - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “Strategic Advice to the CEO of CNN” highlights opportunities of the leading news channel: to add broadcasting in Chinese, French, Dutch, Hindi to increase the channel's audience, open branches in other countries to take into account the traits of the local mentality in news coverage etc…
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Strategic Advice to the CEO of CNN
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Extract of sample "Strategic Advice to the CEO of CNN"

Download file to see previous pages In SWOT analysis of CNN, the major strengths that emerge are that CNN has a global presence, that it has established its authenticity over time, and that it has diversified into many media forms. The threats are that attrition snatches away important human resource from CNN, and that the lifecycle of news is very short, and thus the pressure to always present fresh news is always there. The opportunities are that the investment in the industry is rising, worldwide benchmarks can be made in the news industry and that barriers to entry are high. The threat is that the clutter on TV, in terms of the number of news channels propping up is increasing, and getting out of hand. Moreover, the news industry is sensitive in the sense that it can hurt the sentiments of any political or religious group if the news is not handled carefully. The report then discusses the strategic options available. Firstly, CNN could start broadcasting a whole channel or preferably segments in other languages. Then it can expand to other countries and compete locally. And lastly, it should never opt to diversify in any other aspect of television entertainment, since that will corrupt the brand name CNN.
Mass Media, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is ‘a medium of communication (as newspapers, radio, and television) that is designed to reach the mass of the people – usually used in a plural’.  Therefore, mass media includes any and every medium that is used by the people to communicate to masses. With the passage of time, many branches have sprouted out. The impact of globalization is tremendous; every day, a new advancement takes place that makes communicating to the masses easier.
Mass Media, according to the nature of the medium, can be divided into two major parts; print and electronic. Both the parts are equally important and popular among their respective target markets. In the US, print media enjoys a larger audience as its distribution doesn’t require much investment both on the part of the audience and the supplier. However, the electronic media is restricted to entertain only those people, who have the facility of a radio, a television set or a computer- above all, the availability of electricity. Due to these predicaments, electronic media had been neglected in the past, however, it is now gaining importance and recognition and even the remote areas have access to this kind of media one way or the other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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