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Advertisements in the Face of Economic Recession - Thesis Example

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This paper “Advertisements in the Face of Economic Recession” has selected to examine advertisements that have come out during the recent and ongoing economic recession so that one can better understand the buyer-seller interface in a globalized economy…
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Advertisements in the Face of Economic Recession
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Extract of sample "Advertisements in the Face of Economic Recession"

Download file to see previous pages Textual analysis is the method used in moving forward with this paper. The texts of advertisements selected for this study are described in detail, then the meanings of these texts are explored in depth and finally, judgments are made based on “the ideologies and values that are identified in the text” ( Buckingham, 2003, 71-72). The description of the text is an analysis of what is shown and how it is shown ( Buckingham, 2003, p.71). Then the discourse proceeds to look at “the connotations and associations invoked by the various elements of the text” (Buckingham, 2003, p.72). Intertextuality of the texts is also investigated into. The quality of the texts in connection with how far they succeeded in conveying the intended meaning and how far an aesthetic appeal is created is also examined. How the texts are marketed to the audiences and how they were received are the other two important areas of concern for this study. Advertising is basically a process of communication that happens between the media and society. Burton ( 2005, p.9) has delineated the key concepts linking media and society. They include mythologies, ideologies with power relationships embedded in them, representations of the world, mediation of experience and events, discourses which are the ways of thinking and talking about a subject and conventions of media texts (burton, 2005, p.9). Further, he (Burton, 2005, p.16) defines audiences as belonging to three categories. They are, “a disparate collection of individuals who happen to be consuming one text at one time, a coherent social group who have in common characteristics outside their consumption” (Burton, 2005, p.16) and “a mass group whose identity comes from the very fact of their consumption”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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