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Political science - Political commercial by Super PAC - Essay Example

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The commercial extols him, it illustrates that Romney will take the United States to a whole new level in the near future. However, conversely it tarnishes Obamas’ reputation (Super…
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Political science - Political commercial by Super PAC
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Extract of sample "Political science - Political commercial by Super PAC"

The Commercial-Now You See the Problem This commercial demonstrates evidently that it favors Mitt Romney over Barrack Obama. The commercial extols him, it illustrates that Romney will take the United States to a whole new level in the near future. However, conversely it tarnishes Obamas’ reputation (Super PAC).
The cost of production of the Super PAC commercial has not been made public. However, financial records of Super PAC as a whole are available. Super PAC contributed 46.54 Million USD for the Romney campaign. The campaigns primarily focused on the use of negative advertisement against Romney’s political adversaries. Super PAC paid 21.261 Million USD against Santorum, 18.468 Million USD against Gingrich, 0.020 Million USD against Obama. The only funds used towards campaigning for Romney was only 6.791 Million USD. This goes to show that the negative campaign uses more money than the adverts that are for the preferred candidate. The chief information that the commercial is intent on passing is the principle used to create employment in America. Employment creation is crucial to the reversal of the precarious and fragile environment of the nation’s economy. This is because, since the recession there have been a significant number of job layouts. This consequently led the government to recover institutions in order to minimize any more layouts. This shift is primarily responsible for the massive national debt. Consequently, the massive debt has led to increased taxes so as counter it thus, increasing the burden on the tax payer.
The commercial advocates for the reduction of taxes while creating employment. The commercial uses this fact to instigate that the current president Obama, has not made any substantial stride towards job creation, while on the hand his opponent Romney, has done exemplary well in this sector. The commercial which has given in considerable details levels of Romney involvement to ensure job creation in the United States despite the harsh economic times. At the local level, Romney has turned around several companies consequently creating thousands of jobs. Additionally, at the state level he has turned around states facing deficits without raising taxes (Super PAC).
This commercial also conveys a contrast between the distant past as well as the recent past accomplishments. This demonstration depicts the fact that Obama in this commercial is a community organizer, as well as a law professor. Obama made tremendous accomplishment in job creation as a community organizer. Additionally, He helped factory workers that were laid-off in South side of Chicago. This Declaration in the commercial therefore aims to dim the president’s credentials, by illustrating that his intellectual prowess has not aided him in developing strategies for job creation (Super PAC).
Response to Brian Hue’s Post
The post on “Now you see the Problem” found on the super PAC’s website he sheds light on the effects of negative advertisements that take place during campaigns.
According to Brian, the preferred results are not forth coming since it does not have a monumental effect on the voter to vote for the campaigner criticizing the other. There is neither support to the advertisement nor material facts and statistical support.
On the other hand, these negative advertisements benefit the supported candidate because people will have vital information at their disposal. They can use this in order to make a decision on whom to give their vote.
Work Cited
Super PAC. “Now You See the Problem”. Video. “Protect Our Future”. YouTube. 7
December 2011. Web.5 June 2012. Read More
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