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In this essay "Social Media and Children", the author will argue for and against allowing elementary children to use social media showcased by pros and cons and collapse his argument to a discrete locus. One of the factors that cannot be underestimated is the use of the internet in today’s daily functioning…
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Social Media and Children
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Firstly, I argue against by asserting that socials sites exposure is toxic to young minds. Children are gullible hence any material presented to them indeed provokes a feeling of interest. In this case, internet exposure takes a dramatic twist as most of these young minds are concentrated on experiences that are beyond their understanding (Warburton & Hatzipanagos, 2013). Time spent in social media must have been cut out from other useful activities such as school projects, help around with small household chores and cases of sleep deprivation. A child under the influence of such will showcase discomfort and reduced concentration capability. Children will likely be attracted to the internet because of quick access to Information that may seem vulgar and inappropriate, keeping in mind that in such a situation no objection is involved. Accordingly, an anticipated outcome is the deterioration in class performance. On the other hand, I argue for by asserting that through the proper restriction to ensure age-appropriate content amongst children presents an opportunity for children to benefit from social sites. Parents must monitor and ensure safety based on free discussion with the children and guiding them appropriately on the use of social sites. Parents must keep control of their information by access restriction to some sites, keep their full names, address, telephone number, social security number to themselves. Ensure the children only post information they are comfortable with everyone viewing and talk to their parents before considering meeting anyone faces to face they have met online and reviewed the risks attached. ‘Pediatricians and parents must do their part, ideally working with the media, to secure opportunities for educating children that facilitate the best outcomes for children. Social media presents a platform for entertainment as well as positive exposure if children are strictly directed to access essential content, and parents should take measures in order to be more involved with children involvement on the internet.
However, many parents fail to outline household rules on social networking sites, monitoring their children on their internet and further fail to limit on time allowed on these sites that further complicates family time and external social activities (Graham, Dutton & Castells, 2014). Such laxities disappointingly, make children exposed to inappropriate content and vulnerable to the risks outlined above. I firmly take a position that unless parents become extra vigilant, social media usage amongst children should be highly restricted as parents cannot confidentially look to the media for a consistent menu of high-quality programming. Read More
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(Social Media and Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6)
Social Media and Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
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