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This essay focuses on screenwriting for television. Working as a screenwriter for the TV industry is risky given the competitive environment, screenwriters work in. Trends are challenging and changing, which becomes evident when one inquires around…
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Screen Writing for Television
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Download file to see previous pages The positive aspect is that things would change for the better as soon as the boom period arrives for the screenwriters. The hiring companies will have to pay the price of cost-cutting later. The change in current trends in the TV industry for screenwriters can be seen in primarily three fields. First, the reward for writer’s job has got curtailed. Reputed writers can still command the desired price. They can still get their quote, but there’s a resistance to paying it, as companies are not as willing and eager to pay as they used to be before the slump. Negotiation has become tougher these days irrespective of the rank and esteem of the writer. Some of the writers’ quotes have become doubtful; it has become harder to negotiate (Mazin, 2009).
A view of the bargaining with the writers’ team shows that the team members need to show bravery and selflessness to clinch a favorable deal to write the IPA. The meeting between the guild members and the writers’ team supported by WCG in Canada speaks of writers’ passion for their craft, enforced with the facts and numbers made available by WCG people that work in the interests of the screenwriters. The environment at the bargaining table is no less harsh, similar to as it can happen with some face-to-face meeting with the workers’ union. Things do not move for the better with each day passing in the bargaining process with some members of the writers’ team disappointing the team. Failure to reach a contract by all interest groups should not be random practice considering that the business volume touched the mark of $2.39 billion in production in 2010/2011 in the Canadian TV and films market (CDN Screenwriter, 2012).
Secondly, the trend of one step deal with the writers is on the high. Some production studios do not provide any other choice for writers. Thirdly, the load of work has increased greatly to get a job as a screenwriter.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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