Impacts of Screens and Television on children - Research Paper Example

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The question of the influence of children exposure to the screen has always been disputable since the invention of the screen media. Technologies are still changing and evolving, and it is…
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Impacts of Screens and Television on children
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Download file to see previous pages And though many parents do not feel disturbed regarding this issue, pedestrians claim that the impact of screens can be really damaging for children`s psyche. Generally, children`s behaviour, sleeping patterns, academic performance, the level of aggression, and physical health are affected by enormous time over the screen. However in this paper I am going to prove that the time spent by children in front of screens and the quality of the media products consumed play a decisive role for the overall effect.
One of the major negative consequences of the time spent in front of screens is the influence on brain development. Despite the fact that scientists learn more and more how exactly child`s brain is changing there is still no clear picture of the impact of external factors on its work. The plasticity, flexibility, and weak connections between neurons make it possible to influence and reshape child`s brain. Neuroscientists claim that long and repetitive stimulation influence emotional and cognitive development of kids in different ways. First it is possible to speak of establishing of certain “habits of mind” by recurrent activities. Second, lack of certain stimuli also results in the mode of brain work. Children from the early age need directed communication with close people, diverse and intensive linguistic environment, stimulating physical interaction, and relevant to their age academic opportunities to develop normally. At the same time lack of these stimuli and passivity deprive children of valuable resources (Healy, 2011). As a result children will further feel difficulties with engaging into normal social activities, playing, and using their cognitive abilities on the full capacity. However, if parents can keep balance between these activities and control children`s time spent with screen media it is possible to keep balance.
Many experts claim that excess of Television and other screen media influence negatively imagination of children because of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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