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Chindren's Television - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Children's Television Children’s entertainment or television programs revolve around play and are essential for their learning and growth. Also, entertainment is taught or given to children through different activities and adults that fascinate them, for example, cartoons, puppets, pantomimes, and clowns…
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Chindrens Television
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Download file to see previous pages Different nations have reacted to the exceptional wants of young audiences and the development of digital entertainment by creating routines, for example, television content rating systems. This will help manage the entertainment industry and public (Shay and King 20). This paper will compare and contrast children’s televisions, and prime time television. The 21st century has seen children television programs available as adult television programs. This comprises a large development from previous generations. Nonetheless, the impact of the television programs on development of children is weighty. Consequently, it is essential for health professions to converse with parents and guardians their children’s experience on the television programs and give leadership on age-appropriate viewing of television programs. On the other hand, prime television shows are aired when the majority of people are looking at the television programs. Prime television shows are aired from 8pm to 11pm on weekdays and 6pm to 11pm on weekends. In addition, television networks will air the most admired television programming during the prime time (Shay and King 21). These television programs may include high-profile sports activities, comedies, newsmagazine, and dramas. Children’s television programs are created in a way that they meet the children’s emotional, social, and cognitive demands. The relations between different characters are straightforward. These relationships are similar to those of children because they do not comprehend the complicated realism in the factual world. For example, the television programs for young audiences tend to assume a playful, fast paced and largely diverse strategy. Children associate with practical activities, for example, playfulness, these connects the children audience during the entire television program. In addition, visual effects in children’s television programs match the children’s emotional, cognitive, and social abilities (Shay and King 22). For example, in a passing a significant message through the children’s television program, a television director may utilize visual effects that illustrate pig lungs and smoke rings to highlight the impact of air pollution on a human being and, therefore, the significance of public contribution in decreasing that pollution. Children’s television programs are entertaining for children due to a number of reasons. First, children’s television programs have the ability to take over the young audience’s attention through the soundtracks, colors, and movement of the shows. Children are entertained because they are not concerned with the dialogue going on in the show, but only watching the pictures on the screen and listening to the restrained music that are a source of insight and entertainment. Second, children’s television programs craft characters that are almost an identical age with the young audience or the television programs can associate with the children audience. In addition, in a children’s television program, a character can act in additional number of roles. This gives the young audience a view on how the real world operates from their own perception (Shay and King 22). Third, children’s television programs are entertaining to children because they have the ability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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