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Dose television promote deviant and violent behavior in teens - Research Paper Example

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Running head: MEDIA VIOLENCE Does television promote deviant and violent behavior in teens? Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 21 April 2011 Does television promote deviant and violent behavior in teens? Introduction Future fulfillment and success that is enjoyed by people in their adult life depends mainly on the emotional as well as the intellectual development that was experienced in their childhood…
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Dose television promote deviant and violent behavior in teens
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Download file to see previous pages In the modern world, the media sources have been taken over by the mass media, which incorporates the television it is most prominent and prevalent category. The fact that television is easily accessed in the current world and it is attributed, as another form of modern advancement, majority of the children in the current generation will have been exposed to it for the largest percentage of their life. According to the evidence attained from researches conducted, it has emerged that infants raised in households that have television indicated their first awareness to the device at an early age of as young as 6 months (Clifford et al 1). Over the years, a lot has been said and written over the impact of television in the developing teenagers within our society. A lot of the attention from the researchers while conducting their researches has mainly been focused on the negative effects that television has on the teenagers as opposed to its positive effects. While considering the due care that is needed while showing the various programs to the teenagers, it must be noted that television when used sensibly will give rise to numerous benefits. Argument for According to Straubhaar and LaRose, violent behavior effects from television have received a lot of attention from researchers than any other antisocial behavior. The effect of television on the youngsters and teenagers at large has been an issue of concern in the public domain. This is because it is difficult for the youngsters to comprehend the difference between the current world they are living in and the world they perceive in the small screen. In the current world teenagers tend to spend numerous hours in a day watching the television without supervision. This hence creates room for possibility of harming the young developing mind with contents that are regarded as antisocial behavior and as well as violent behavior (Straubhaar and LaRose 407). It is automatically obvious that majority of the various programs aired by the televisions will not lack a scene of violence. It has been discovered that three-fifths of the overall shows that area aired by the televisions incorporate violent scenarios at an alarming rate of 4.5 violent scenes per show. The children shows on the other hand are even worse as they contain more violence that anticipated and to make the matters worse these shows glamorize the violent scenes. Thousands of studies that have been conducted and majority of which are associated by the Bandura’s Bobo doll study, indicate that children will imitate the violence shown by the television or any other mass media. The Violent scenes that are televised not only influence the teens to carry out similar actions of violence but also perform different forms of violence other than the one seen. Although much of the focus on the violence televised by the televisions is fictional base, it has also emerged that the violence depicted in the news regarding the various wars and conflicts may be disastrous to the developing teens. According to Gupte (85), teenagers posses the ability to mimic what they what they see or hear from their television sets despite the fact the content they are mimicking is might be negative or harmful on their future life. Some of imitating actions that depicted by the teenagers upon watching the shows that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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