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Changing Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors from Baby Boomers to 2012 - Research Paper Example

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One of the most constant things which have been manifested with each generation is the changes in attitudes and behaviors. Throughout the years, these changes have included shifts in social, political, cultural, and sexual attitudes and behaviors. …
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Changing Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors from Baby Boomers to 2012
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Download file to see previous pages As the mindset for each generation have also undergone changes based on historical shifts and developments, the perceptions and attitudes for each generation have also manifested major differences. This paper shall describe the changing sexual attitudes and behaviors from baby boomers to millennials. Initially, it shall provide an overview of attitudes and behaviors from baby boomers to millennials; secondly, studies which show any changes socially, politically, and religiously through each generation would be presented; third, the significance of birth control pills shall also be discussed. Next, a discussion on who benefits (men or women) shall also be presented followed by considerations on the new innovations available in society. Finally, this paper shall discuss how things have changed in sexual behavior and attitudes from baby boomers to millennials. This paper is being undertaken in order to critically establish the evolution of sexual attitudes and behavior throughout the years; it is also being carried out in order to establish a clearer understanding of sexual behaviors for each varying generation.
Trower (p. 3) discusses the major disparities and differences between the various generations. Firstly the baby boomers are those born from 1946 to 1964; secondly, the generation Xers are those born from 1965 to 1980, and finally, the Millennials are those born from 1981 to 2006. ...
12). Their divorce rates have actually tripled and as children they have often been left alone to their own devices. They are eclectic, resourceful, self-reliant, highly adaptable to change, and often distrustful of formal institutions, including schools, churches, and government agencies (Trower, p. 12). The Millennials have experienced expansion in technology, natural disasters, violence, gangs, and diversity; however, this generation is also known for being coddled by their parents (Trower, p. 13). They are also known for their wider global concerns, for their realism, and for their vast cyber knowledge; however, many of them are also prone to an ADD diagnosis (attention deficit disorder) (Trower, p. 13). Carlson (p. 6) also discusses that baby boomers have been brought up in the post-World War II period, in much abundance and in a healthy economy. Many of them have seen the world evolve in its culture and political make-up (Carlson, p. 6). Most of them come from nuclear families; work has been considered a defining part of their life and their self worth. There is much tension between them and other generations, especially the newer ones because they do not share the same work ethic and dedication to work (Carlson, p. 6). Generation X on the other hand has been raised in the era where a penchant for ‘to-do lists’ have been seen; and they have also grown up in blended families. This generation was brought up in the shadow of a very influential generation and has been witness to the sacrifices that their parents have made for them (Carlson, p. 6). This generation has developed independent behaviors, including resilience, and adaptability at an even stronger bend than the generation they followed. In response to the baby boomers that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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