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This paper "Graphs in Daily Life" focuses on the fact that mathematics is evident from every activity of our daily routine. Considering graphs and real-life situations would be the easiest way to understand the connection between mathematics and real life. …
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Graphs in Daily Life
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I. Parabolas:
The vertex or point of intersection in the above mentioned is (2, -9) which shows x value i.e. 2 o the x-axis while y value i.e. -9 is on the –y-axis.
Parabola is a chart that allows individuals to gauge everyday life activities where an object and its path are involved for analysis. Parabola also includes an axis of symmetry from which a line intersects which is known as its vertex. This point of focus and axis of symmetry allows individuals to maintain know-how of the object with respect to the figure of the vertex (Mathwarehouse, 2011).
II. Line Graph:
The graphs talks about the relationship between the donors by age plotted on the x-axis while the amount of donation is on the y-axis.
Line graphs can also be used in daily life for keeping a record of improvements. These graphs can be used by the organizations as well as students to measure performances. The two points are plotted on x-axis and y-axis to notice the frequency of improvement. If two lines intersect between any focus points then it can be regarded as the peak point of performance (, 2012).
III. Bar Graph:
Grouped data axis: The graph shows two axes out of which the x-axis is grouped data axis.
Bar graphs are mostly used in doing the comparison of the increase and decrease of the performance or activity of objects and people activities in real life.
IV. Circle Graph:
Arc Length: The circle graph has its arc length proportional to the measure of people listening to the genre of music.
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