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International Marketing for Travel & Tourism - Literature review Example

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The literature review "International Marketing for Travel & Tourism" describes about the airline industry in common, it's place in the contemporary world and about Emirates Airlines in particular, how does it work, it's goals and strategies…
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International Marketing for Travel & Tourism
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Extract of sample "International Marketing for Travel & Tourism"

Download file to see previous pages This report delves into an international airline, Emirates Airlines, and its marketing strategy. Emirates Airlines is a competitive airline, which is currently giving a number of airlines (such as Air France and Lufthansa) a run for their money, and with increasing reach, the airline is set to realize untold heights in the business of air service.

            Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985 and has since metamorphosed into the biggest airline in the Middle East. Fully owned by the Dubai government, Emirates Airlines is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group. As a result of its excellence in service and astounding growth rates, the airline has amassed for itself a formidable brand name and become a giant mention in matters of aviation. Moreover, the airline has equally continued to rank highest in terms of financial growth with the prospects of the future only predictably brighter.

           The goal of the Emirates Company is to lead by excellence. Its mission statement states that the company exists to provide the world’s best in-flight experience and the vision statement, additionally, is to make civilization safe and sustainable. These are appealing aspirations which on their own attract customers globally by evoking sheer curiosity and a need to sample the services provided herein. they help the company market itself and realize its objectives which are to increase market share, retain and obtain customers, and enhance global tourism.

           The Emirates Airlines has in the last few years immensely spread its operations. The fastest-growing airline in the world, it has become a major player in fields of business, tourism, travel, and leisure all across the globe. However, amidst its splendor and impressive growth rate (success), the Emirates Airlines still faces a number of challenges. These challenges include competition from rival airlines with equally gifted and formidable tactics. 

           The aim of the Emirates Airlines is, therefore, to remain a step ahead of the competition (that is going nowhere) in terms of innovation and implementation/ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Marketing for Travel & Tourism Literature review.
(International Marketing for Travel & Tourism Literature Review)
International Marketing for Travel & Tourism Literature Review.
“International Marketing for Travel & Tourism Literature Review”.
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