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Market Segmentation and Product Positioning - Article Example

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This paper "Market Segmentation and Product Positioning" focuses on an article “Foresighted? Epson Moverio Smart Glasses Go on Sale for $700” in Wall Street Journal published by Nathan Olivarez-Gilez. The article talks about the unveiling of mover BT-200 glasses to the public. …
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Market Segmentation and Product Positioning
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Extract of sample "Market Segmentation and Product Positioning"

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning
“Foresighted? Epson Moverio Smart Glasses Go on Sale for $700” is an article on Wall Street Journal published by Nathan Olivarez-Gilez. The articles best captures the market segmentation concept according to strategic marketing plans deployed by most firms and corporations to maximize on product sale and increased profit margins. The article talks about the unveiling of moverio BT-200 glasses to the public at a staggering price of $699.99. The smart wearable technology appears to give Google smart glasses of the same caliber run for the money because it has an edge in its design of two screens that give an excellent display equivalent of an 80 inch smart television screen. Market segmentation by Epson the tech company manufacturing these glasses has been clearly been highlighted by the article because it touches on the glasses offering more comfort to work place or office setting as opposed to just entertainment as mentioned by the author of the article that one cannot walk in them comfortably down the street. The market segment being targeted here appears to be the average career individual with PowerPoint presentations, visual reports summations and whatnot. The glasses appear to be made to appeal to the group made of career enthusiasts who want to look more professional by using the smart glass moverio BT-200 achieve that desired effect while in the working environment. The Working class consists of the middle class and high class envisioning the target market segment.
“Samsung readies phone for your wrist” is an article by Min-Jeong Lee and Yun-Hee Kim captured on Wall Street Journal that talks about the tech giant Samsung planning to unveil a smart watch that does not need to be tethered to a phone referred to as the wrist communicator which has developed as an innovation of the initial smart watch concept (Lee & Kim). The article elaborates the product positioning concept because of the fact that Samsung is introducing the concept and benefit of their smart wrist watch that is yet to be launched into the world market. The company boasts of already having the leading role in smart watch presence already in the market as opposed to its competitors like Apple Inc. that are yet to make a debut in the same tech sector. The article builds on the fact that the watch will give a different experience to the intended market because it has new exciting features than its predecessors like Galaxy Gear. The mere fact that the watch will be able to have a SIM card is enough to juggle the public minds to want to associate with the product before it is launched into the market and if possible make pre orders. The aim of product positioning in such a context is that Samsung has already created a market niche for its product and further strengthen its brand making it different from its competitors. The target market will have enough curiosity to want to associate with the Samsung brand and the product in the line. This would in turn increase sales and the profit margins of the company when the units are started to be produced.
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