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The Youth Marketing of Levis Jeans - Essay Example

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The paper "The Youth Marketing of Levis Jeans" discusses that Levi’s was the first brand in the fashion industry that was able to create a rebellious look amongst its targeted youth market. The brand, however, was not able to analyze the change in the cultural trend…
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The Youth Marketing of Levis Jeans
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Extract of sample "The Youth Marketing of Levis Jeans"

Download file to see previous pages Major turmoil in the business operations of Levi’s by which the most favoured cool brand started to be regarded as an ‘uncool’ brand and this resulted in major losses for the company. The sales figure for the products manufactured by the company had shown a steep decline. In order to withstand such a change in the cultural trend, the company had undertaken very effective measures so as to be sustainable in a highly competitive market.
The jeans manufactured by Levis Strauss were not so much popular in the market which resulted in a sales decline of $2 billion. The profit margin was so low that it ultimately resulted in the closing down of 30 factories out of 51. The main cause of this impact was the cultural shift in its target market consumers due to the evolution of rap music. This trend gave rise to the concept of baggy trousers that were more preferred by young consumers however, the company failed to connect itself with the young generation (Cole, 2003, pp. 116-117). This gave a great opportunity to its competitors such as Diesel, Wrangler, Gap, and Pepe who had captured a big market share of Levi’s brand. The company initially had associated its jeans with a rebellious nature and something that defined the young generation however it was a misinterpretation by the company that such a look would last forever (Aaker, 2001, pp.45-46). The cultural shift made the preference of the young consumers shift to ultra-baggy and non-tapered loose brands that were being delivered by other brands and this had created a perception amongst the youth that Levi’s jeans were too tight and suited the middle-aged consumer (Hajdini, 2010, pp. 76-77). In the initial stages, the company had been able to create a rebellious outlook amongst the youth changing the traditional clothing behaviour but it failed to remain at par with the cultural changes in the industry in which it operates (Allen, 2006, pp.56-57).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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