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Introduction of Eco-Friendly Flat Pack Housing Facilities into the Market - Case Study Example

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 This study "Introduction of Eco-Friendly Flat Pack Housing Facilities into the Market" looks at the prospects of introducing Eco-friendly flat-pack housing facilities in Switzerland. The study focuses on market research, SWOT and PEST analysis not to mention the market mix strategies to be employed…
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Introduction of Eco-Friendly Flat Pack Housing Facilities into the Market
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Extract of sample "Introduction of Eco-Friendly Flat Pack Housing Facilities into the Market"

Download file to see previous pages Climate change is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored in the modern dispensation. Everywhere across the world, there are efforts being made on a daily basis to ensure that the environment remains stable. Wide ranges of initiatives are being taken and will continue to be taken in the coming years. Switzerland is one of the nations in Europe that boast a number of environmentally friendly housing facilities (Gaan, 2008). All through Switzerland, different buildings have been developed to resemble the theme of the environmental policy of ensuring a green nation. Throughout the generations, numerous changes have been experienced and will continue to be experienced with respect to having green facilities. Even though there are numerous initiatives being undertaken to ensure that the environment is secure, a lot more needs to be done in the housing industry in Switzerland. There is a need to introduce eco-friendly flat-pack housing facilities in Switzerland.
Flatpack facilities are environmentally friendly parts that are built and packaged and then transported to the destination for which they are to be used. Introducing the eco-friendly flat-pack facilities will largely have an impact on the wellbeing of the housing sector with respect to environmental stability. The housing sector will be largely diversified with many people seeking to try their hand on the Eco-friendly flat pack houses (Kocsis, 2010). To bring the facilities in the market, a number of issues will have to be taken into consideration. One critical advantage about the eco-friendly housing facilities is that the individual flat packs are built in different locations and the inherent task that remains are just but to fix them at the site of the construction (Runde and Thoyre, 2010).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Introduction of Eco-Friendly Flat Pack Housing Facilities into the Case Study.
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