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HEINZ ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING INITIATIVE Name: Institution: Date: Introduction World over, the mention of the name Heinz brings ketchup to mind. Heinz is a food company based in the U.S with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main product from Heinz is ketchup, but there are other food products the company delivers…
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Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative - Heinz
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Download file to see previous pages There are several initiatives that this company has undertaken to ensure environmental stewardship. Some of the initiatives it is undertaking include sustainable agriculture, and manufacturing processes that are energy-efficient (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2011). It also engages in packaging initiatives that are eco-friendly. To ensure that the packaging used for their products are eco-friendly, there are laws that need to be observed. The initiative to use eco-friendly packaging is in line with the sustainability goals of the company. Use of alternative packaging materials is envisioned to lead to an absolute reduction of 15% of all packaging expenses. In addition to this, Heinz also aims to reduce the packaging currently used for the various brands and containers. The new packaging to be used includes recycled paper cartons and trays, and cartons that have not been bleached. The initiative will also see reduced use of steel, and resin. These measures are all an effort to facilitate eco-friendly packaging. By making sure that the packaging used is not harmful to the environment is a statement of social responsibility on the side of the company. Environmental degradation has been a major concern for the world today. Governments have established laws that are aimed at protecting the environment, and preserving it for future generations. Pennsylvania has also a set of guidelines that direct companies on how they treat, and manage the environment. Elements of administrative laws that will affect most this initiative are those that are concerned with waste issues. Pennsylvania seeks laws, policies, and regulations that are founded on principles that encourage waste reduction, conservation, beneficial re-use, and recycling (Heinz, 2011). These are policies that will cut the costs of handling waste. Since Heinz deals with products for human consumption, it is affected by the Food Code of Pennsylvania. Under the Food Code, refuse, returnables, and recyclables have to be handled in a specific manner. This code, for instance, requires that these items be removed from the premises where they are used by either receptacles or vehicles. These equipments have to be designed in a manner such as to hold the material disposed in them. The receptacles are transported in a vehicle specifically for this purpose. In Pennsylvania, the laws under municipal waste management will affect most the initiative to recycle waste. This is because for the waste to be recycled, it has to first of all be collected in one area. Wherever the waste will be disposed waiting for recycling, strict guidelines have to be adhered to. By following the guidelines that the law requires, the company will be practicing safety for the citizens. Residual waste management requires a permit from administrators so as to make sure that companies do not ruin the environment. Steel is facing a ban in Pennsylvania, and thus Heinz Company is doing well in planning to reduce the use of the same material in its products. According to the Pennsylvania code, a sales tax of 6 per cent is charged for every retail sale. Since Heinz deals with goods that are consumed at retail outlets, it has to price them with this in mind. By recycling the residual wastes from its products, Heinz cuts down on production costs (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania nd). These two factors need to be reflected in the price that consumers pay for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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