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Organic Food Restaurant Market in Dublin - Research Proposal Example

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The main objective of the paper “Organic Food Restaurant Market in Dublin” is to create an interest in organic food products among the public. The restaurant aims to break that myth by serving affordable and tasty yet healthy food to their customers…
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Organic Food Restaurant Market in Dublin
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Extract of sample "Organic Food Restaurant Market in Dublin"

Download file to see previous pages Starting a business is quite easy. Any person can do the same with good inspiration. A good idea is the base of any successful business. The idea can be prompted either by inspirational factors (Ashton, 2007, p 7). Several people have gathered ideas and inspirations from very simple things. For example, Mark, who runs a successful business supplying plastic crates to home movers, got the idea inspired by his wives comments in a supermarket. The couple had broken some of their precious wedding gifts while moving and they felt using customized plastic crates while moving would have avoided the loss. This simple idea made Mark and entrepreneur. But, it is a good business plan which made their business a success. The business plan is defined as the yardstick with which any successful businessmen measure the value of their work (McDonald, S. and Hawkins, D, 2012). A good business plan sets the target for every quarter and the business people compare their achievements with the target set to determine whether the business is profitable or not. The target set in the business plan can be revised if necessary. It can be set up with the help of trained executives or a business consultancy company. A business plan is defined as the "road map" of any business as it is a blueprint upon which the business will be built step by step. Yummy Green Restaurant’s Business plan will focus on the financial projections of the project including the income statement, the cash flow analysis, and the various financial ratios. It will clearly state how the capital for the project will be gained, what is the estimated sale and the contingency plans in hand to overcome any unexpected losses. The plan will also carry out a detailed marketing analysis and the list out the various marketing strategies it will follow to obtain the sales target. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Organic Food Restaurant Market in Dublin Research Proposal - 13.
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