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The Target Market of Trace Restaurant at W Hotel San Francisco - Research Paper Example

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Even though the restaurant embodies aspects that embrace and satisfy different categories customers, the tourism bias is clear through the Menu and location of the restaurant.
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The Target Market of Trace Restaurant at W Hotel San Francisco
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Extract of sample "The Target Market of Trace Restaurant at W Hotel San Francisco"

The Target Market of Trace Restaurant at W Hotel San Francisco Trace Restaurant located at the W Hotel San Fransisco has Tourists as its target market. Even though the restaurant embodies aspects that embrace and satisfy different categories customers, the tourism bias is clear through the Menu and location of the restaurant.
In support of the tourist target market, Trace hotel has ensured its menu is kept fresh and has a high percentage of high quality local content (Nickson 27). Notably, the wine list is expansive to cover over 200 global sources and varieties. This is a strong consideration of tourism and is meant to wash down the organic and tasty California Cuisine served at the Restaurant. The fact that the menus depend on the local season is a sign of ensuring, visitors get to understand the local food pattern alongside the culture and environment. The restaurant has a wide variety of sea foods and meats. This is to carter for needs of the different tourists’ background. This is the reason the place is frequented by people on business travel, tourists, travelling sports people/ enthusiasts and fresh residents who want to get a feel of San Francisco as they settle. The pricing is steep and intended to lure the upper middle class and the high income earners. Apparently, these are the people who can afford to tour the world and stand the seemingly exuberant prices. An average drink costs from a minimum of $5.5 and that would be plain coffee! A simple meal goes for a minimum of $16 a plate. An example would be Fried Quail, few spoons of hazelnut and minor accessories such as olive leaves. Otherwise, an average meal would stand at $30 and higher per person. This is a deterrent factor for the residents because they can manage to make more of the same in the comfort of their homes. This is maintained based on the frequency of tourists, holiday makers and other travelers who seek high quality meals for a brief period of time.
The restaurant is located in the center of SoMa district, which is in the downtown area of San Francisco (Jensen and Parr 2). It is three streets accessing the markets to the northwest and the south. The east ends with the San Francisco bay, a major global tourist attraction. The panoramic city line view combines well with the picturesque views of the Bay Bridge to ensure a breathtaking environment (Michelin North America, Inc 242). This has made the area a popular venue in for the film industry screening sessions, major fashion events, glamorous music shows, museums and art exhibitions. Therefore, the stylish and luxury design of the Trace restaurant matches the definition of a perfect sanctuary for people who want to enjoy what San Francisco offers. These individuals are called tourist and they are both local and international.
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