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Performance Evaluation & Competitive Benchmarking - Research Paper Example

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Since the market is accommodative and accepts free and voluntary entrance and exit, it has become too competitive to operate and successfully run any business enterprise. The viability of the hospitality sector has made it to e too competitive. This fact can be used to justify…
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Performance Evaluation & Competitive Benchmarking
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Extract of sample "Performance Evaluation & Competitive Benchmarking"

Download file to see previous pages The information was gathered from these sites by searching for the most appropriate and relevant key words such as hospitality, satisfaction, quality of services, accommodation, cuisine and beverages. Of all the 50 reviews, many clients seem to be content with the quality of services offered by these restaurants. However, for them to be too competitive, they need to make the necessary improvements in their specified weak areas.
“Trace” Restaurant is part of the prestigious W Hotel SF which specializes in the provision of catering, accommodation and a wide range of services. As an established facility, “Trace” Restaurant, it is obvious that the restaurant offers a high degree of quality services. This has been evidenced in the kind of reviews it has been getting from the clients who often attest to the nostalgic and memorable experiences they had while visiting the facility. Based on my experiences and the numerous positive customer reviews, I would like to point out that this restaurant offers an exceptionally high quality service. For this reason, anyone who visits it, would not be disappointed, but would have to get a taste of delicious meals in a conducive environment worth staying on.
Indeed, the reviews published in Yelp, Trip Advisor and social media platforms demonstrate that the restaurant has lots of strengths which need to be maintained for excellent services. To begin with, the restaurant is equipped with high tech modern and up-to date facilities. These include comfortable tables, chairs, beds which are used by the clients when having their meals or spending the night within the restaurant. In order to effectively accommodate all its clients, the management has supplied the facility with a total of 500 chairs and 300 tables.
The other strength for “Trace” Restaurant is that it has employed a team of professionals to manage its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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