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Hospitality: The Restaurant Business - Essay Example

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Restaurant concept means the mode of creating a brand identity for the people with an aim of getting the highest chance of success, while creating a unique brand personality with its exquisite cuisine, efficient service delivery, feel-good ambiance, pricing and menu (Baraban &…
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Hospitality: The Restaurant Business
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Extract of sample "Hospitality: The Restaurant Business"

Hospitality: The Restaurant Business of Restaurant concept means the mode of creating a brand identity for the people with anaim of getting the highest chance of success, while creating a unique brand personality with its exquisite cuisine, efficient service delivery, feel-good ambiance, pricing and menu (Baraban & Durocher, 2010). The best restaurant concept one can choose is the fine dining restaurant concept. As the name implies, fine dining describes an upscale restaurant. These restaurants offer diners and have an elegant atmosphere with high quality service. The restaurant has crisp tablecloths and violins playing in the background.
In a fine dining restaurant, from the lighting to the music, to the fine art on the walls, everything is in control meaning that the music is not too loud or the lights are too bright or the decorations in the art are of one kind (Baraban & Durocher, 2010). This makes this kind of restaurant to be unique and to appeal ones personality. Fine dining restaurant offer limited menus which change on a daily or weekly basis (Baraban & Durocher, 2010). This is a great advantage because a small menu allows you to buy the seasonal items when they are at the peak of freshness and this makes it possible for the chief to exercise his or her creativity when designing the dishes. This also ensures that it is interesting and there is no disappointment either selection or quality and also foods are unique and cannot be found in other types of restaurant. The liquor and wine choice of the fine dining restaurant makes it more interesting. It carries top shelf liquors and a broad choice of brandies, cognaca and other after dinner drinks (Baraban & Durocher, 2010). Its uniqueness is that your wine list does complement your menu. This implies that each wine has its individual dishes.
The customer service in fine dining restaurant is above and beyond other types of restaurant customer service. The services go beyond taking of orders and delivering of food. Some of the services include: escorting of patrons to the table, escorting the patrons to the restrooms, explaining menu items without notes, serving of food directly on the plate at the table and holding the chair for women (Baraban & Durocher, 2010). All these details need a trained server. One can ask question even which requires the smallest detail one will get the answers and this favours anyone who wants to have every detail of the dish at his or her disposal. The fine dining restaurant allows reservation. This is able to space parties and ensures that the kitchen and wait stuff are ready and not overwhelmed during a dinner rush. In the individual reservations, the restaurants are able to offer sitting arrangement such as the five oclock sitting and seven oclock sitting and this is according to ones taste and personality (Baraban & Durocher, 2010).
Fine dining setting can be in any type of setting and usually feature variety of cuisine varying from ethnic to organic (Baraban & Durocher, 2010). The fine china, glassware and flatware makes it more unique and to resonate with ones personality. The atmosphere of traditional route, either silver candelabra or rose centrepiece with a bold colour scheme and modern furnishing and jazz tunes playing subtly makes it more resonating.
1. Baraban, R. S., & Durocher, J. F. (2010). Successful restaurant design. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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