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This essay analyzes that a brand is a combination of features of the seller’s product or service that make it distinct from those of competitors. These features may take the form of a name, symbol, pictures, terms, sound, design, shapes, graphics, and color or related elements…
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Live Face
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Live Face Introduction A brand is a combination of features of seller’s product or service that make it distinct from those of competitors. These features may take the form of name, symbol, pictures, terms, sound, design, shapes, graphics, and color or related elements. Branding is the process of creating, marketing, promoting and selling the brand. This research paper therefore seeks to identify the best branding strategies and contingency planning for Blue Team Focus Company on their product ‘Live Face’.
Corporate Branding Strategy for Blue Team Focus Company
The Blue Team Focus Company should begin its corporate branding in four major steps that include discovery, strategy, communication and brand management, for the Live Face product. Discovery process entails gathering information about perspectives and experiences about the brand by the internal and external customers of the organization. Additionally, a company can improve its brand dynamics by looking at its historical information on branding as part of discovery stage. The outcome of the discovery process is referred to as core brand analysis which enables the entity to know what the brand symbolizes and the intended audience (Gregory, 2004).
The Blue Team Focus Company should as a next step develops a strategy to communicate what the brand intend to achieve, express brand personality and stakeholder expectations about the company. For Blue Team Focus, brand strategy should emphasize on the expected customer experience through interaction with the company from using the Live Face product. After developing the brand strategy, Blue Team Focus should engage in corporate brand communication which involves marketing, promotion and advertising and creating awareness about the brand through public relations. Given that Blue Team Company has an already established customer base through Sony and Verizon FIOS; it has a less job to do in terms of brand communication. Finally, Blue Team should invest in brand management that involves keeping the brand alive and ensuring its growth using the appropriate company resources (Gregory, 2004).
Contingency planning
According to Westwood (2002), contingency planning is done through a SWOT analysis when all information and opinions are collected from marketing research. Blue Team Focus Company should evaluate its strengths in relation to its weaknesses considering available opportunities and potential threats in the market place. The company shall leverage its strengths from advantages related to proprietary technology mainly from Sony and Verizon FIOS. This will further strengthen the company’s competitiveness in the market in terms of having a well conceived functional area strategy and cost advantages. The already established market place by Sony and Verizon FIOS shall enable the Blue Team Company to achieve its objective of penetrating the international market in terms of its product. But these achievements could be compromised by weaknesses stated by the company such as weak market image, lack of marketing managerial experience, and poor track record in implementing strategy.
The company’s strategy and competitive advantage are key to determining its strength and weakness level, which are internal factors. On the other hand, the level of opportunities and threats that this company may face shall mainly be determined by the market environment and competition (Westwood, 2004). The Blue Team Company has identified certain opportunities such as possibility to enter new markets, diversify into related products and faster market growth but noted threats like entry of lower product cost, changing buyer needs and tastes and entry of similar products from more established companies. In undertaking SWOT analysis, Blue Team Focus must look at key products, potential markets, past performance and its structural organization. The company should monitor the contingency plan for review and update based on changing circumstances in the future.
Reference List
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