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The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet - Research Paper Example

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The following paper under the title 'The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet' presents the business environment which is becoming more complex and wider affecting almost every organization irrespective of its organizational structure and operations…
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The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet
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Extract of sample "The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet"

Download file to see previous pages It is often defined as a comprehensive management process that principally focuses on the aspect of continuous quality improvement. To be precise, the TQM approach intends to satisfy the customers’ and/or the owners’ needs with efficiency and is driven by the continuous improvement of the entire operation process (PHCC Educational Foundation, 1996).
With this virtue, the objective of the paper is to study the TQM approach adapted by General Motors (GM) in order to provide quality services to the potential customers and/or owners of Chevrolet. Thereby, the discussion of the paper will intend to identify the various attributes of the operational process of GM. It shall also consider reviewing various kinds of literature relevant to the topic in order to contextualize the findings comprehensively.
Chevrolet is a world-renowned brand and is owned by GM, an American automaker that is also recognized as one of the market leaders in the international automotive industry. Besides other brands owned by the company, Chevrolet happens to be one of the most popular and successful brands marketed by GM. It was first introduced in the market during the early 1900s and since then it has gained a remarkable growth in the international platform. Notably, it is marketed in 130 different countries including the UK and other major countries of the European region with average sales of 3.5 million vehicles annually (Chevrolet Europe, 2010).
Chevrolet is a major brand manufactured and marketed under the policies of GM. There are also various sub-brands under the brand name of Chevrolet which are also marketed by GM. To be mentioned, the sub-brands of Chevrolet are Spark City, Cruze Sedan, Aveo, Captiva SUV, Epica, Corvette, and others. Thus, it is quite apparent that the brand and its parent company offer a wide range of products to its customers (Chevrolet Europe, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet Research Paper - 1.
(The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet Research Paper - 1)
The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet Research Paper - 1.
“The Producers and Marketers of Chevrolet Research Paper - 1”.
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