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The Content of Advertisements in Britain - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Content of Advertisements in Britain' presents the violation of law through advertising which has become a common phenomenon in all developed countries worldwide. The level at which this problem is addressed in each country is differentiated, in accordance with the local ethics,…
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The Content of Advertisements in Britain
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Extract of sample "The Content of Advertisements in Britain"

Download file to see previous pages It should be noted that the specific process is not related to particular political trends or beliefs; rather, it operates independently; this view is verified by the fact that the relevant efforts have been supported – since their first appearance in Britain - by the Labour and the Conservatives (Paul 69); no differentiation has been identified in the willingness of the above parties to control the violation by advertisements of the local laws.
In order to understand the process through which advertisements in the UK are controlled for their content, it would be necessary to refer primarily to the laws used for the regulation of the particular activity. At the first level, it should be made clear that the opposition of the content of advertisements to the existing laws is considered as a violation of the relevant laws; this is a rule applicable to all advertisements – no matter if they are published in Britain or in the EU territory. In the last case, however, there is a power of the appropriate European authorities – referring to the European Standards Advertising Alliance – to intervene (Chissick and Kelman 246). This perspective needs to be mentioned in this paper since Britain is a member of the European Union. Moreover, it should be made clear that in the context of European Union territory the content of advertisements is controlled using the ‘International Chamber of Commerce’s Code of Advertising Practice’ (Chissick and Kelman 246).
This means that in Britain also, the potential use of the above legislative text cannot be rejected; however, the local laws regulating Advertising should be primarily used – reference would be made to the above legislative framework if the judges of the national courts consider such initiative as necessary. On the other hand, in a relevant report of the House of Lords, it is noted that the European legal framework related to Advertising is not of particular value for the British market, since the national law on the specific field address all aspects of the specific activity, i.e. there are no gaps to be filled by the European legislation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Content of Advertisements in Britain Case Study.
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The Content of Advertisements in Britain Case Study.
“The Content of Advertisements in Britain Case Study”.
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