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Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads - Term Paper Example

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The " Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads" paper states that "Oilatum” and “Elvive” use the semiotic significance of images and text, their technicalities of using the images to construct a unified whole differ from each other to a great extent…
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Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads
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Extract of sample "Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads"

Download file to see previous pages The “Elvive” advertisement primarily focuses on the functioning effectiveness of its product, the textual construction in the “Oilatum” necessarily highlights the process of using the product as well as its effectiveness. Such a difference between the presentations of the texts in the advertisements evolves from the variation of the numbers of problems which the products are effective for. The “Oilatum” advertisement begins with a rhetoric question “Does your child have Eczema?” Indeed this question serves both as an introduction and a concise expression of what the advertisement is about. Being positioned at the top of the advertisement, though the question does not draw the attention of the viewers in the first place, it fairly informs the viewers about the purpose of the advertisement at any moment when they are confronted with the question, “what is the advertisement really bout?” The primarily viewable contents of the Oilatum ad are the sequence of the three words: soak, smooth and soothe. But the sequence, “soak and smooth to soothe” does not convey a complete message about either the product or the process. Rather it is the explanatory imperatives at the bottom of the advertisement that render completeness to the meaning. Also the words, “soak”, “smooth” and “soothe” maintain a hierarchical sequence that clearly tells about the usage of the products in terms of their priority. The word “soak” is followed by the images of two types of Oilatum product: Oilatum Junior Bath and Oilatum Shower Gel, and the word, “smooth”, follow the image of Oilatum Junior Cream. At the right-hand corner in the bottom, all the three types of Oilatum products gather together above the iconographic brand name.

In the “Elvive” ad, the charm of beautiful hair has been used as an appeal to draw the attention of the viewers. A close shot of the pretty model Cheryl with her long and beautiful hair occupies most of the background of the ad. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads Term Paper, n.d.)
Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads Term Paper.
(Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads Term Paper)
Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads Term Paper.
“Semiotic Analysis and Comparison of the Oilatum and Elvive Ads Term Paper”.
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