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A Semiotic Comparison of Disneyland with Marriotts Great America - Essay Example

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An essay "A Semiotic Comparison of Disneyland with Marriott’s Great America" claims that once a person steps inside this world of whims, he suddenly goes into the world of pretence as well, immediately embarking upon a role which he unconsciously partakes…
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A Semiotic Comparison of Disneyland with Marriotts Great America
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Extract of sample "A Semiotic Comparison of Disneyland with Marriotts Great America"

Download file to see previous pages Various themes give rise to different effects on the individuals.  It is almost like that the premise takes control of how visitors should react to the circumstances: offering a variety of choices, hence, conferring a mixture of diverse emotions as well.  “Disneyland is commonly seen as the prototypical total fantasy park in America, or probably in the world”, (The Sale of Two Cities: A Semiotic Comparison of Disneyland with Marriott’s Great America, p.1).  It is unquestionably exemplary that people from different walks of life, visitors of different age group, find themselves enthralled and at times, powerlessly captivated. Incontestably, Disneyland has the ability to initiate a feeling of awe, generating such wonderful notion to its visitors.  The structure of the park, as well as its different auras, however, allow the people to become barely aware of the divergence and picture between the real world and the world of imagination. Rides represent out of the ordinary experiences, however, not all are just amusing, for some also intends to remind us of the important aspects of life such as greed, fear, and even death. Consequently, Marriott’s fashion is definitely atypical, in contrast to the prototypical picture of Disneyland.  It chose not to make an apparent distinction between the fantasy world and the real one. The journey from reality to fantasy is done subtly; allowing the visitors to experience the flight from the real world while they are still made aware of realism. The plodding switch from true existence to the wonderful world of imagination make Marriott’s an astonishing pursuit to the majority. Palpably, the two theme parks have several contrasting aspects. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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