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Ad analysie - Essay Example

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A right combination of relevant images can capture the attention of the audience. The fragrance Peace Love has various images that have been integrated. Sometimes additional image creates mental images in the mind of the audience…
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Ad analysie
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Extract of sample "Ad analysie"

Ad Analysis Additional Image Additional image plays significant role in ads. A right combination of relevant images can capture the attention of the audience. The fragrance Peace Love has various images that have been integrated. Sometimes additional image creates mental images in the mind of the audience which may make them to experiment.
Images have great psychological effects to the buyer as well as to the audience. Apart from just buying, additionally images can make the target audience to have some form of advertisement by talking about the ad .In this ad, there are various images that have been integrated to offer the audience a clear message on all the actualization the product can provide.
A fallacy is also referred to as a false statement, notion or an argument. Fallacies are based on invalid or false inferences, erroneousness or incorrectness of belief of reasoning. The fragrance Peace Love ad has used fallacies in various ways including the appeal of emotion fallacy. The fallacy of emotion has been emphasized by capture the attention of people and especially women who are willing to be self-actualized. Regardless of the fact those emotions are unable to control the logical thinking of individuals; it is beyond doubt that when the emotions are strong, they can undermine rational thoughts.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
The fragrance is a form of self-actualization need. A greater part of individuals have a great desire to self-fulfillment. In other words, people have an inclination to be actualized in what they are potential. Although sometimes, the self-actualization needs cannot be fulfilled until the lower order needs are fulfilled, People yearn more to be actualized.
The fragrance Peace Love can offer individuals an opportunity to have the great desire to be actualized by giving them a feeling of greatness and superiority.
Work Cited
Bignell, Jonathan. Media Semiotics: An Introduction. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002. Read More
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Ad Analysie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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