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Applying Key Concepts And Techniques Of Marketing - Research Paper Example

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The development of firms operating in the Australian television industry can be characterized as significant. The paper "Applying Key Concepts And Techniques Of Marketing" discusses the competition in the industry as a reason for firms to improve their position in the market…
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Applying Key Concepts And Techniques Of Marketing
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Extract of sample "Applying Key Concepts And Techniques Of Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages The marketing plan suggested to SBU for improving its rate of growth is based on a series of policies, including the reduction of the firm’s prices, the introduction of discount and financing schemes, the improvement of customer services and the re-evaluation of the firm’s suppliers; in this way, the position of the firm in its industry is expected to be improved – taking into consideration the firm’s performance up today and its responses to the market pressures – especially after the global financial crisis.
Television industry is a key part of the Australian economy; in accordance with a series of statistics published by the Australian Government, in 2003/2004 the amount spent by households in Australia on TV and home entertainment systems has been estimated to $1,960m (Australia Government, 2004); moreover, the number of pay TV subscribers in Australia has been estimated to 2.39 million – in 2010 – with a trend for further increase (IBIS World, 2010); it is assumed that the audience of TV in Australia is significant, a fact that needs to be taken into consideration by the marketers of the firm operating in the specific sector. On the other hand, the revenues of the television industry are not standardized – under the influence also of the global financial crisis; this issue is highlighted in a report published by the International Television Expert Group (2010) where it is noted that in 2009 the advertising revenues from the global television industry have been reduced by 7.2% (International Television Expert Group, 2010); moreover, through the years, the funding resources of firms operating in the global television industry are differentiated - as indicated in the Graph 1 below where the increase of the firms’ dependency on subscription fees is made clear. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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