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Market Environment of Londons Ship Partnership - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Market Environment of London’s Ship Partnership” focuses on the main source of revenue for London’s Ships Partnership, which has been the tourism market. In the international arena, the tourism market is very competitive and every country makes huge investments…
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Market Environment of Londons Ship Partnership
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Extract of sample "Market Environment of Londons Ship Partnership"

Download file to see previous pages London’s Ship Partnership (LSP) wants to capture more of newer international markets so that, they can target increased customer base and generate more revenue for the organization. It also wants to create awareness among people from all across the world about their brand and member vessels included in their partnership. The organization wants to educate people about those vessels’ historic achievements and importance in world history. With all these, their main aim is to increase the number of international tourists and sustain their existence in this frequently fluctuating competitive market. External factors that influence tourism demand are threats/crises, economy, technology, consumer attitude, tourism industry, demographic change, and politics. The external factor might well have an impact on the demand for tourism as affects the ability to travel and the required motivation for the purpose. Consumer behavior in tourism market is influenced by a whole set of external and internal factors. London is a peaceful, safe and healthy city in the context of politics and also very advanced in technological infrastructure. The tourism of the city had a global reputation. This provides lots of external support to London’s Ship Partnership in its branding. But the main obstacle faced by LSP is the fact that the destination has lost its attractiveness as the modern day tourists intend to visit such places where they can experience both the beauty as well as adventure.
In the case of LSP, many external factors affect its environment namely, increasing competition with the emergence of new tourist destinations, changing customer trends, demand and historic existences, and most importantly unawareness in consumers. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Market Environment of Londons Ship Partnership Dissertation - 5.
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